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We are a global provider of Service Enablement, Performance Management and Test and Verification systems for VoLTE, IMS, 3G, 4G, 5G and virtualised infrastructure. With Emblasoft´s solutions, operators and equipment vendors can obtain and deliver new products and services that push the boundaries of technology.

Service Enablement: our award-winning product Odin enables operators to cost-effectively introduce IMS and related services for VoLTE and VoWiFi.

Test and Verification systems: our award-winning Solver solution helps equipment manufacturers and operators to secure and verify communications systems and services under heavy load conditions.

Performance Management: our performance management solution iPe-Bot helps operators to manage and optimise their network infrastructure.

At Emblasoft, we are passionate about building software products that enable our clients to innovate and drive the evolution of the communications industry. Although we’re a new name, our heritage spans more than 35 years of experience, built under the Polystar brand.  We changed our name to Emblasoft following our divestiture of Polystar OSIX to Elisa in 2019. Our HQ is located in Stockholm, Sweden, reflecting our long history.



Emblasoft Management Team


Claes Löwnander

Head of Sales Emblasoft
Sales Test and Verification Solutions | Solver
Claes Löwnander is Executive Vice President and Head of Sales for Emblasoft Group AB. Prior to this, he enjoyed a long career with Ericsson, spanning business development, sales, marketing and product management roles. He has led regional sales in Latin America, Northern Europe and Central Asia, as well as sales operations teams. Claes is a specialist in business strategy and change management, and has been involved with transformation and digitalisation projects across the ICT industry. 

Göran Mannerstråle

Service Enablement | Odin

Göran Mannerstråle has over 25 years' experience in the IT and telecommunications industry. He has held several top executive positions in companies like Vodafone, Gateway computers and Carphone Warehouse. Göran is currently CEO of Emblasoft Systems AB, responsible for global development of the company’s IMS platform "Odin".


Gorka Esturo

Performance Management | iPe-Bot

Gorka Esturo has over 25 years of Experience in the telecom industry. He managed projects in Spain and Latin America, and later founded some companies in the sector. One of them, P-OSS, created a leading Performance Management SW tool and is now part of EMBLASOFT, aiming at a successful set of deployments worldwide. Gorka heads P-OSS as CEO.

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