Network Performance management – OSS data mediation and operational analytics

Take control of your network with iPe-Bot

Every system in your OSS provides a stream of valuable data that provides rich insights into service and network performance. This data is essential for the smooth operation of your network. It helps ensure continuous optimisation to meet SLAs and performance demands. The problem is that it’s delivered in multiple formats, which means it’s hard to obtain these insights. iPe-Bot takes care of this, providing full mediation across all data feeds and consolidating OSS information for exploration.

  • Consolidate valuable network data
  • Access rich, personalised reports
  • Consistent data format for easy export

Personalised control over performance reporting

iPe-Bot offers a clear, comprehensive web-based user interface that can be customised by every user to suit their needs. User can easily collaborate via the web portal, sharing documents and creating dialogues. Custom reports ensure that reporting and tracking is performed on precisely the elements of interest, with pooled data providing the macro and micro view required. Data can easily be shared with other systems, enriching reporting and feeding your data lake and analytics programmes.

Near real-time mediation and processing

Data is processed in near real-time, generating instant reports and triggers, so incidents and events can easily be tracked and accelerating decision-making. With interfaces available from any browser, users have full control.

Any technology and any network interface

iPe-Bot easily embraces multi-vendor environments, allowing you to choose best-of-breed and obtain seamless insights across the installed footprint, even into your affiliates for group-level and cross-network control.

Pinpoint what’s happening and where

Rich GIS mapping resolves location to highly granular levels, delivering an unprecedented view of your networks. Users can focus on their specific operational level and easily build micro- and macro-views.

iPe-Bot allows you to take control of all sources of data from complex, multi-vendor environments, giving you
a complete picture of your operational and network systems, in a single place.

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