RTP Tasks

Version 1.0

This document describes the RTP Tasks, provided as custom tasks that must be installed with PureLoad/PureTest on each machine using these tasks.

Read more about installation and how to load and use custom tasks.

The provided tasks supports basic testing and simulation of RTP clients.

The RTP tasks is designed to be used together with a nother signaling protocol such as SIP but can also be used as is to test simple RTP clients.


Current version of the RTP tasks have limitations and does not support everything described in the RTP specification RFC 3550. This includes:

  • Only one media stream (such as audio) per session
  • Limited RTCP support (Jitter etc. not reported)
  • No real support for encoding/decoding of media

Provided tasks


Task used to Initiate RTP client and RTP session.

Multiple client/sessions can be used in one scenario if identified using the Session ID parameter.

RTP and RTCP ports are allocated in consecutive pairs where RTP port are even and that each associated RTCP port be the next higher odd number. The allocated port are saved using the specified variable names.


Local Host Local RTP host or IP Adress to bind to (empty to bind to any local address)
Local Port Local RTP port (0 to pick any free ephemeral ports). RTCP port is the next higher odd number
Payload Type RTP payload type (RFC 3551) used for the session
RTP Port Variable Save allocated local RTP port using specified variable
RCTP Port Variablet Save allocated local RTCP port using specified variable


Task used to close RTP session and release used resources.


Task used to add a remote participant for the a session. Must be specified to send data to a remote participant.


Remote Address Remote host or IP address of participant.
Remote RTP Port Remote RTP port of participant
Remote RTCP Port Remote RTCP port of participant


Task used to Receive RTP data.

If Wait For RTCP BYE parameter is selected the task will wait until RTCP BYE is received. If not the task will wait until any data received. If not received within the specified Wait Time a timeout will be reported.

If not data or session terminated within the specified Wait Time a timeout will be reported.

Result will include information about number of bytes received and information received using RTCP RR packets (if any). This information is set as result data and can be parsed using ExtracTask as needed.


Wait Time Time (milli-seconds) to wait for data received
Wait For RTCP BYE Select to wait until RTCP BYE is received.


Task used to Send specified data in one RTP packet.

Data is specified in string format and converted to bytes (UTF-8) before sent.


Data Data to be send in string format (UTF-8).


Task used to read an audio file and send data using multiple RTP packets.

No actual encoding is done, but sent RTP packets are timed based to the audio information in the read audio file.

The audio file must be in a file format accepted by Java (WAVE, AU or AIFF). Audio data must be PCM and only one channel is supported.


File Path File path to audio file.
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