Powerful IMS test solution, enabling voice quality assessment and assurance

Ensuring and maintaining IMS performance

With rapidly growing numbers of VoLTE users, ensuring and maintaining IMS performance is a key concern. Quality assurance is essential, particularly with agile release processes and more frequent service updates.

Solver is a powerful IMS test solution that allows operators to manage release cycles, validate performance and ensure service delivery, at scale. It enables operators to validate multiple IMS services, such as VoLTE and VoWiFi, from a single platform.

Solver provides automated test traffic. It uniquely emulates millions of real user sessions, backed by algorithms such as PESQ and POLQA to ensure consistent quality across different traffic loads and scenarios, providing an invaluable tool to ensure consistent quality.

Highlights include:

  • VoLTE and VoWiFi (SWu)
  • Service handovers
  • Legacy network handover and fallback
  • Voice QoS analysis
  • Streaming traffic or packets per second / size
  • Emulation with real user identities, ensuring accurate modelling
  • Browser stress-testing
  • Bulk traffic generation and emulation
IMS test solution

Solver – ensuring consistent IMS performance

Solver provides support for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G, allowing all aspects of IMS performance to be evaluated, across each connected network. The complete core can be tested or different functional entities evaluated in isolation. IMS Test cases can be created to match specific situations and optimised for the unique requirements of each mobile network.

Virtual IMS test

Solver also helps operators manage the transition to virtual IMS. It allows operators to ensure that virtual components offer the specified performance and behaviour and that SLAs can be delivered. As an independent IMS test solution, it ensures objective testing for multi-vendor networks and that full interoperability can be achieved.

Solver makes a vital contribution to the performance of your business. The flexible solution for independent test and verification of systems and networks offers high performance, scalability and the automation of complex test scenarios.

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