Powerful NB-IoT test solution for MNOs to deliver scalable connectivity

Can your network deliver for millions of IoT devices?

NB-IoT is fast becoming a growth area for MNOs that seek to offer IoT connectivity both for their own services and as managed connectivity solution to third parties. Ensuring the effectiveness of these services requires continuous testing and performance validation.

Solver is a powerful NB-IoT test solution that allows MNOs to generate high traffic volumes of simulated IoT traffic. Uniquely, real network identifiers can be emulated, allowing accurate simulation of traffic and true performance to be evaluated.

Traffic is generated from the eNodeB towards simulated IoT application servers. In turn, this enables core MNO as well as third-party services to be modelled, ensuring that service performance can be accurately tested, under different traffic loads and conditions.

Highlights include:

  • S1 lite and sGi interfaces
  • Bulk traffic and individual test cases
  • Fully automated, emulating production environment
  • Model extended coverage
  • DoNAS / eDRX / PSM capabilities
  • Legacy network handover and fallback
  • Streaming traffic or packets per second / size
  • Bulk traffic generation and emulation
NB-IoT service test solution

Solver – supporting NB-IoT service delivery

Solver is a comprehensives NB-IoT test solution, helping MNOs to rollout and scale IoT service offers and extend their portfolio. It ensures service performance and validation, across key features of GSMA requirements for IoT, allowing MNOs to profit from new IoT service demands.

Powerful test and modelling capabilities

The powerful test and modelling capabilities enable MNOs to prove that they can meet and sustain performance across a diverse set of service demands, so that they can both grow their own service portfolio while addressing new partnership opportunities and third-party demands.

Solver makes a vital contribution to the performance of your business. The flexible solution for independent test and verification of systems and networks offers high performance, scalability and the automation of complex test scenarios.

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