Testing and validating 5G NSA deployments

Ensuring consistent, scalable performance for 5G NSA

The introduction of 5G NSA networks brings new performance benchmarks for mobile services, but these standards need to be thoroughly tested to ensure they are achieved. Does the network perform consistently as coverage is extended? Can it scale with growing subscriber traffic? What’s the impact of a massively increased number of devices?

Ensuring consistent, scalable performance for 5G NSA demands a continuous cycle of test and validation. With a virtual core and continuous delivery cycles, testing is an integral part of network maintenance, enabling operators to deliver.

Solver is a comprehensive test and validation solution for 5G NSA, allowing real subscriber traffic to be generated and delivered to the core, as well as to legacy IMS / VoLTE services. It provides the scale to ensure that performance can be guaranteed as subscriber numbers increase.

Highlights include:

  • NSA Option 3x support
  • S1 / SGi interface connectivity
  • S1-AP interface with control plane traffic
  • S1-U interface with data plan traffic
  • eNodeB, user and UE behaviour
  • Streaming traffic or packets per second / size
  • Emulation with real user identities, ensuring accurate modelling
  • Bulk traffic generation and emulation
test and validation solution for 5G NSA

Solver – enabling your 5G rollout

Solver combines multiple generations of network technology into a single package, allowing subscriber and device behaviour to be modelled with handover from 5G to legacy networks, and back again. This enables all scenarios to be examined and validated, ensuring effective performance. Real traffic is used to model the conditions of each unique network.

Fully automated and integrated

Solver can be fully automated and integrated with staging networks, ensuring that all new releases are fully validated before moving to production networks. It can test nodes in isolation, or perform ‘wraparound’ testing, as well as emulating 5G to 4G service interworking. Voice and data service testing and session emulation is easily accomplished.

Solver makes a vital contribution to the performance of your business. The flexible solution for independent test and verification of systems and networks offers high performance, scalability and the automation of complex test scenarios.

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