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  • How do you test 5G SA control-plane signalling for roaming without a 5G Core?
  • Full-stack simulation of MSRP-based traffic is imperative for validating MaaP, RCS, RBM and IMS
  • Comprehensive, automated full-stack SIP Simulation and Testing with Emblasoft

About Emblasoft

What we do – Test & Verification and Service Enablement

We are a global provider of Test & Verification and Service Enablement systems for VoLTE, IMS, 3G, 4G, 5G and virtualised infrastructure. With Emblasoft’s solutions, operators and equipment vendors can obtain and deliver new products and services that push the boundaries of technology.

Sports and Sponsorship

Proud sponsor of Nils van der Poel
Nils van der Poel

At Emblasoft, we strongly believe that activity is a key element for positive physical and mental health.

In keeping with this, we encourage healthy practices for our staff – and we also support and sponsor a range of activities that promote physical wellbeing and sport, both for the youth and elite-level athletes.

We are a proud sponsor of Sweden’s top speedskating athlete: Nils van der Poel. Nils is a fantastic skater who combines dedication and talent. We were very happy to see Nils make a sensational comeback, after a couple of years away from the world circuit, winning the 10,000-meter distance at the European Championship in the Netherlands in early 2021.

Recently, Nils continued his return by capturing the 5,000m world title. And, to crown a spectacular season, Nils also won his second gold medal in his favourite distance, the 10,000m – breaking the world-record at the same time! We look forward to supporting Nils with his future career.

Promoting Human Rights and Sustainable Business Models

Diversity and discrimination

Emblasoft recognises that people are different, and that diversity is an asset. We continuously strive to achieve greater diversity among our employees at all levels of the company and to abolish all forms of discrimination – formal and informal.

This work is crucial for Emblasoft to ensure that we remain attractive and accessible to all talented people with the potential to succeed, and that we maintain a sustainable business model that will meet the high standards that our company’s stakeholders rightfully demand.

Caring for the environment

Building a sustainable business

We work actively to reduce our impact on the environment and adopt environmentally sustainable practices in our day-to-day work. We collaborate with our landlord to reduce our impact on the environment by monitoring our use of heat, power and water, as well as our recycling and waste disposal programmes.

Our development department continues to optimise the efficiency of our solutions, so we can reduce their power consumption and environmental impact. Virtualisation is key to this and we have helped our customers to reduce hardware dependencies and transport costs. Our efforts help our customers reduce total cost of ownership and enhance our own profitability, demonstrating the financial impact of responsible practices.


Promoting work-life balance

Health is an essential factor in CSR. Without good health everything else is irrelevant. We promote a healthy work/life balance, and offer our employees regular health check-ups and a variety of sporting activities.

About Emblasoft

From innovation, to validation and smooth operation, our solutions help operators and equipment vendors deliver outstanding services and performance to their customers.

Emblasoft Test & Measurement AB
Hammarby allé 29
120 32 Stockholm, Sweden

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