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Evolver Product Overview

Functional testing, performance testing and active monitoring for mobile networks

A single comprehensive platform

Multiple solutions with centralised control

Evolver provides the flexibility to assure network deployments, updates and live services. Cloud-native and with full automation capabilities, rich reporting and an easy-to-use interface, it ensures the delivery of differentiated services for any network.

Functional testing for service validation

Functional testing can be performed to validate features and updates, and to support CI/CD schedules.

Flexibility allows any scenario to be modelled for proving service capabilities in multi-vendor networks.

Performance testing to demonstrate load and scale

Ensure services can scale in cloud environments and with load from real user agents, modelling real performance.

Evolver scales to emulate service growth, under network conditions, with dynamic capabilities for any scenario.

Active monitoring for QoS-driven, differentiated services

Distributed, active monitoring agents generate real traffic and KPIs, for continuous validation and assurance.

Assure differentiated and specific scenarios for key customers and services, with real-time awareness of service issues.