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Service enablement with IMS for your network

Cost-effectively transition to IMS and VoLTE / VoWiFi from the cloud or your data centre

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Enable delivery of new services to transform your network and boost innovation

The IP Multi-media Sub-system (IMS) is the foundation of core services, such as voice, messaging and more. It’s an essential element of your network evolution

Don’t get left behind while others transform

Failure to migrate to IMS prevents operators from capitalising on new service opportunities

IMS supports a host of IP-based service for your subscribers, built on a comprehensive, standards-based framework that enables interoperability and provides a consistent platform for the future. Many operators have struggled to make this transition, due to the cost of IMS solutions from traditional vendors.

Next-generation network services demand IMS deployment and adoption

3G sunset is a pivotal moment for operators

The retirement of legacy GSM networks is a crunch-point that requires operators to complete transition to IMS, so that legacy services can be protected while launching VoLTE and other SIP-based services for your own and roaming subscribers. Put simply, without IMS, you can’t easily launch the services your subscribers expect.

IMS Service Enablement

Launch VoLTE, VoWiFi and more

IMS supports new, more powerful core voice services, with flexible connectivity.

Follow 3GPP-compliant network evolution

Fully standardised, IMS ensures your network evolves to keep track of industry innovations.

Manage the transition to the cloud

Virtual IMS solutions are necessary to benefit from cloud architecture and automation.

Migrate legacy services to protect revenue

Moving legacy services to IMS provides a future-proof environment for innovation.

Odin Product Overview

A complete, turnkey solution to enable VoLTE, VoWiFi and MMTEL in your network

Emblasoft’s service enablement solution supports your business through network evolution

Flexible, scalable and cost-effective transformation

Emblasoft’s Odin IMS platform offers an affordable approach to IMS that allows you to transform core network services, gracefully and cost-effectively. Fully compliant with 3GPP standards, ODIN enables you to migrate to IMS without the pain and hassle of traditional solutions – protecting core services and enabling the launch of new value-added solutions.

Fully virtualised, ODIN can be deployed from the cloud or integrated with your data centre, providing the core IMS functionality and services you need, including VoLTE and VoWiFi. Proven with operators around the world, it enables them to retire legacy platforms and consolidate service architect to support future network evolution strategies.

Converge service silos for evolution

Consolidate legacy services into a scalable IMS environment to reduce costs.

Rapid migration to new IMS-based services

ODIN can be deployed in weeks, accelerating network and service transformation.

Scalable and cloud-based, enabling smooth growth

Fully virtual service enablement solutions, optimised for the cloud.

Interoperable and aligned with network standards

3GPP compliant, ODIN includes all core IMS components and the VoLTE / VoWiFi TAS.