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Announcing the launch of Emblasoft, bringing an outstanding portfolio to the mobile industry


Announcing the launch of Emblasoft, bringing an outstanding portfolio to the mobile industry

From innovation, to validation and smooth operation, Emblasoft’s solutions help operators and equipment vendors deliver outstanding services and performance to their customers.

Stockholm, Sweden, 11 November 2019 - Q4 2019 brings a new player with a proven track record to the mobile industry, with the official launch of Emblasoft Group AB, emerging from the well-known Polystar Group of Companies. With a growing customer footprint, Emblasoft will build on the momentum gained during its previous incarnation.

Emblasoft’s portfolio is built on three key pillars – Innovation, Validation and Operation, spanning all areas of the operator domain and delivering class-leading performance. It includes award-winning solutions that service millions of subscribers around the world. Emblasoft Group AB consists of:

Emblasoft T&M AB: Formerly named Polystar T&M AB, the award-winning Evolver solution helps equipment manufacturers and operators to secure and verify communications systems and services under heavy load conditions.

Emblasoft Systems AB: Previously known as Polystar Systems AB, the proven, high-performance Odin  solution enables operators to cost-effectively introduce IMS and related services for VoLTE and VoWiFi.

P-OSS Solutions S.L.: iPe-Bot helps operators to manage and optimise their network infrastructure by mediating data feeds from different sources and presenting clear, highly configurable interfaces to users.

“At Emblasoft, we are passionate about building software products that enable our clients to innovate and drive the evolution of the communications industry”, commented Claes Löwnander, Executive Vice President Sales at Emblasoft Group AB. “Although we’re a new name, our heritage spans more than 35 years of experience, built under the Polystar brand, and we look forward to serving existing and new customers with our innovative, agile and scalable solutions.”

The company changed its name to Emblasoft following the divestiture of Polystar OSIX to Elisa Automate in 2019. Emblasoft maintains its HQ in Stockholm, Sweden, reflecting its long history.

About Emblasoft:

Emblasoft is a global provider of Service Enablement, Performance Management and Test and Verification systems for VoLTE, IMS, 3G, 4G, 5G and virtualised infrastructure. With Emblasoft, CSPs and equipment manufacturers benefit from new products and services, based on the very latest technologies and standards, validated and supported by outstanding assurance.

Media Contact: Claes Löwnander
Executive Vice President Sales at Emblasoft Group AB
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.