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Emblasoft Evolver can fully integrate with third-party solutions to enable 5G service assurance and rich data visualisation


Emblasoft Evolver can fully integrate with third-party solutions to enable 5G service assurance and rich data visualisation

Emblasoft Evolver’s open architecture enables full integration with third-party, open-source tools, such as Prometheus and Grafana, providing comprehensive active monitoring and assurance of service performance, as well as data visualisation for rich, actionable network insight.

The transition to 5G and 5G Standalone (SA) is well and truly underway, offering service providers and operators the opportunity to provide innovative services, network slicing, and new use cases. The path to success, though, will depend on a couple of factors: first, differentiated services that stand out from the competition and, second, arguably more importantly the provision and assurance of exceptional Quality of Experience (QoE).

Assuring service QoE with Emblasoft Evolver

While innovation requires a CI/CD approach to launching new services and upgrades, which also requires comprehensive pre-launch testing, active monitoring is needed to assure the performance of these services (or network slices) post-launch and throughout their entire lifecycle. 

As well as monitoring service performance and network KPIs, operators must assure QoE for end users, which will increasingly be enterprises. On top of this comes the complexity of mastering a new network architecture, scalability to support a massive number of devices (such as IoT), consideration for legacy networks and services, and unprecedented volumes of network data to monitor, collect, and gain meaningful, actionable insight from.

Emblasoft Evolver, a comprehensive test and active monitoring managed service for 2G-5G networks, provides the ability to emulate many test scenarios to validate new services pre-launch and active monitoring to offer real-time insight into service performance and QoE parameters throughout the lifecycle of any service or network slice. It also comes with rich GUIs, simple user controls, and visualisation tools to provide actionable visibility into network services.

However, there are also benefits to be gained by sharing the data captured by Evolver with other visualisation tools. Not only does this give a new perspective on results and KPIs, but it also allows data to be combined from different sources. So, Evolver offers open APIs that allow integration with third party visualisation and data processing platforms.

For example, Prometheus is an open-source platform for monitoring service and network performance, and triggering alerts and actions should KPIs fall below those demanded.

Evolver integration with Prometheus and Grafana

Prometheus uses measurements and time series data to automate alerts and alarms, and to take pre-defined remedial network-level actions to ensure that end-user QoE is not impacted. While Evolver can monitor active monitoring sessions in real depth, Prometheus has been specifically designed for network alerts – Evolver active monitoring sessions can easily be imported into Prometheus.

Another specialist tool, often used in combination with Prometheus, is Grafana, which many operators use to better visualise network and traffic data more creatively in order to uncover further insight. It is also optimised for handling, analysing, and visualising huge datasets – essential for gaining insight into huge volumes of 5G network and network slicing events, and the data they produce.

The fact that Emblasoft Evolver can be fully aligned with both solutions (and others) means that it can easily be integrated into operator’s existing operational processes and automated architectures, while also providing a dedicated user interface.

Sharing data across platforms has become increasingly important and most operators have a clear strategy – but may have adopted different tools as part of their data optimisation efforts. Evolver offers flexibility to integrate with any operational and data visualisation environment.

Emblasoft Evolver and its open integration capabilities enables operators to better optimise their pre-launch test capabilities and to assure service and slice performance levels throughout their lifecycle. To gain a more in-depth insight into these capabilities, download our latest use case paper on Evolver’s ability to integrate with Prometheus and Grafana by clicking here.