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Emblasoft launches latest edition of Evolver

Emblasoft launches latest edition of Evolver


Emblasoft launches latest edition of Evolver

Emblasoft Evolver extends functionality, performance, and flexibility for MNOs, service providers and solution vendors that need to test and validate complex service chains.

Emblasoft is delighted to announce the launch of the latest edition of Emblasoft Evolver, with significant enhancements, which include:

  1. Enriched Protocol Support and Enhancements, including:
  2. Performance Enhancements and Optimisation
  3. System and Interface Enhancements
  4. Enhanced web GUI

Read on to learn more.

Evolver is a flexible platform that enables service validation and service quality assurance, in pre- and production networks. It offers centralised control of comprehensive test and active monitoring programmes, supporting continuous service integration and rapid service delivery. It’s optimised for the challenges of 5G, 4G and legacy networks, and solving the challenges of providing full lifecycle assurance, in automated environments, with CI/CD and CT practices. It enables three key solutions for: Functional tests, Performance tests, and Active monitoring.

Central point of control for test and active monitoring programmes

Evolver provides a central point of control for the smooth delivery of test and active monitoring programmes, backed by distributed software agents that can be independently directed for test execution. The launch of the new version of Emblasoft Evolver further extends the functionality, scalability, reliability, flexibility, and performance of our previous version.

The list below outlines some of the broader enhancements we’ve made to Evolver, with more detailed improvements outlined further down this article:

  1. Protocol Support
  • N4 Enhanced PFCP task with granular control
  • Wireshark message import function
  • SS7 functions for SMSC testing
  • SMS over MAP with variable SMS control
  1. Enhancements
  • Enhanced 5G SBI support
  • New voice codecs for VoIP calls
  • RTP performance efficiency improvements
  1. System Enhancements
  • REST API Enhancements (workers and load distribution)
  • Web GUI redesign and improvements
  • Prometheus export options

Added Protocol Functionality

We have added an N4 Enhanced PFCP Task, which provides flexible support for the PFCP protocol, enabling the implementations and variables to be changed – allowing users to truly test the protocol and interworking with data streams. Evolver also offers enhanced message editing and now supports the import of Wireshark messages.

We have also extended our existing SS7 MAP functionality, allowing variable SMS coding and lengths, as well as SS7 operations required for SMSC testing (such as SRI).

Performance Enhancements

Evolver also now includes both OpenAPI and SBI support, as well as boosted capabilities for 5G SBA testing. A simplified message editor, as well as the import of Wireshark message. Meanwhile, new codecs have been added for VoIP calls, and Evolver now supports Authentication without ESP for registration.

We have also enhanced our sustainability responsibilities – and your operational costs - with improved Rapid Transfer Protocol performance that supports 10% less memory and CPU usage, meaning that less is power required to drive the testing programme.

System Enhancements

At a system level, Evolver includes a new Web GUI, which further enhances usability. The REST API enables more efficient work and load distribution, with greater flexibility – for example, the ability to move scripts easily between different test channels, and to support reuse over multiple locations. Users can now also easily export data to Prometheus and Grafana, for example.

Emblasoft Evolver already enables a number of key benefits to MNOs:

  • Increase efficiency, automate hundreds of test cases
  • Reporting to suit technical and business needs
  • Support SLA-backed 5G propositions with variable QoS
  • Provide KPIs to business partners for assurance validation
  • Complete control over scenarios, with low-level access
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party systems
  • Proactively protect customer experience and reduce churn with dynamic testing

The latest edition of Emblasoft Evolver strengthens these key benefits, while adding significant functionality enhancements, providing even more support and flexibility to help MNOs support SLA-backed propositions with variable QoS and provide KPIs to partners for assurance validation and to support agile service delivery and orchestration. It provides the flexibility MNOs need to perform service testing and modelling, from a single platform.

Emblasoft Evolver is a complete platform for boosting service assurance, optimising customer experience, supporting innovation, and enabling the rapid launch of new services. Get in touch to find out more.