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Emblasoft to acquire PureLoad


Emblasoft to acquire PureLoad

Independent Swedish telco software innovators join forces to merge award-winning RCS, IMS and 5G testing platforms, used by MNOs and equipment vendors worldwide

Stockholm, Sweden July. 3, 2020-- Emblasoft today announced a definitive agreement to acquire all assets of PureLoad in an all-cash transaction.

Both Emblasoft and PureLoad provide 5G and IMS testing platforms to MNOs and vendors across the world, enabling them to validate network and service performance, across 5G and legacy networks.

By joining forces, the companies will be able to combine their R&D teams and expand their product portfolios, providing a broader range of solutions to assist MNOs and vendors with transformation to 5G, virtualisation and migration to the telco cloud.

“If there was ever a perfect product fit, this is it.” said Peter Forhaug, Chairman of Emblasoft. “This combination of technologies creates a powerful product platform to fuel growth by being able to address a much wider market. The products are very complimentary with practically no overlap. Together, we will address growing communications and networking trends including 5G and NFV. We believe that the merged technologies will create a market leading solution that will fuel future growth and make us a clear alternative to the incumbent providers.”

“The combination of Emblasoft and PureLoad brings together two highly complementary companies to create an innovative force in the communication test market”, commented Claes Löwnander Head of Sales, Emblasoft. “PureLoad has a market leading solution for testing of the application layer and, combined with Emblasoft’s Evolver for the lower protocol layers, it will create a unique combination of Layer 1 through 7 end-to-end solutions that address fast-growing segments of the 5G communications design and test ecosystem”, he added.

“We are confident that Emblasoft is the ideal partner to accelerate our growth initiatives,” said Ulf Lindstaf, PureLoad’s CEO. “We believe that together, Emblasoft and PureLoad have a tremendous opportunity to make a real difference in the test market and create unprecedented value for our customers, employees and shareholders. Our combined products will increase our relevance for an expanded audience.”

Emblasoft’s innovations enable MNOs and vendors to adopt automated test processes and to support DevOps approaches. With PureLoad, the extended range enables still more use cases to be addressed, from a single, flexible package.

Emblasoft. Innovate. Validate. Operate.

Our solutions help CSPs and equipment vendors deliver outstanding services and performance to their customers.

We are a global provider of Service Enablement, Performance Management, and Test and Verification systems for VoLTE, IMS and 5G infrastructure. With Emblasoft, CSPs and equipment manufacturers benefit from new products and services, based on the very latest technologies and standards, validated and supported by outstanding assurance.

Although we’re a new name, our heritage spans more than 35 years of experience, built under the Polystar brand.  We changed our name to Emblasoft following divestiture of Polystar OSIX in 2019. Our HQ is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more marketing and PR enquiries, please contact Claes Löwnander, Head of Sales.
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