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Fully virtualized version of Evolver, the Award-Winning VoLTE and LTE Test Solution is now live


Fully virtualized version of Evolver, the Award-Winning VoLTE and LTE Test Solution is now live

Stockholm, Sweden, 17 February 2016 – Polystar, a leading supplier of Network and Customer Analytics, Network Monitoring and Test solutions to the telecoms industry, today announced the launch of a new, fully virtualised version of its award-winning VoLTE and LTE test solution, Evolver.

With momentum gathering behind network function virtualisation (NFV), CSPs are also keen to ensure that associated solutions in their operational, test and R&D environments follow pace. The new, virtualised Evolver delivers on this vision and will help CSPs meet CAPEX goals while leveraging a common IT infrastructure.

Evolver is a high-performance load generation, stress and feature testing solution for LTE and VoLTE services, as well as legacy and NGN fixed and mobile networks. Evolver can be deployed both as a virtual and a physical device, making it possible to operate in existing IT infrastructures, side by side with NFV deployments of the mobile core network. This means that CSPs can maximise their return on existing and new infrastructure investments, and simplify maintenance.

The virtualised Evolver is delivered as software, dramatically reducing delivery times to CSPs. This also allows remote installation to be facilitated for system extension. For example, if more capacity is required, it can simply be enabled by extending user licenses. Systems based on legacy or proprietary hardware cannot be extended in this manner.

“The virtualised Evolver gives us unparalleled flexibility to meet different requirements from our customers”, commented Peter Heikenborn, VP, T&M Business Unit in Polystar. “It can scale to meet the needs of the smallest CSP or those of the largest R&D labs and live networks. With CSPs increasingly deploying VoLTE and moving to NFV architecture, Evolver provides the ideal solution to support network and service evolution.”

A key advantage of Evolver is the combination of LTE and legacy network technologies, such as 2G, 2,5G and 3G, into a single solution. It enables single and mass call sessions to be established from any network domain to any other. Evolver gives CSPs access to a simple, user-friendly tool that provides the versatility required for a multitude of tasks, increasing return on investment.

Evolver significantly reduces troubleshooting effort and the time required to complete LTE deployments. It supports full interoperability testing between different domains. In addition, it enables end-to-end testing and troubleshooting of VoLTE and SRVCC services.

In live networks, Evolver enables troubleshooting, ensuring consistent customer experience and service performance. It can also verify billing solutions by generating and checking CDRs. Evolver can also perform quality and performance testing on media and voice streams. It generates voice and video sessions, which can be sent according to customised traffic patterns. The results can be analysed in order to determine and benchmark quality.

Evolver helps CSPs and Network Equipment Manufacturers throughout product life cycles, ensuring consistent quality and compliance with protocols and interfaces from legacy and NGN networks. Powerful, flexible and scalable, the award-winning Evolver is the ideal solution for testing mobile networks and VoLTE services.

Meet Polystar at MWC 2016 to learn how to capitalise on the new, virtualised Evolver to support VoLTE service deployment.