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Retire end-of-life test and validation solutions from EXFO and NETSCOUT - and gain greater capabilities with active monitoring

Retire end-of-life test and validation solutions from EXFO and NETSCOUT - and gain greater capabilities with active monitoring


Retire end-of-life test and validation solutions from EXFO and NETSCOUT - and gain greater capabilities with active monitoring

Many third-party test and validation solutions, such as EXFO’s QA-805 and NETSCOUT’s Spectra 2, are nearing end-of-life. But this situation offers operators the opportunity to reassess their test programme and migrate to Emblasoft Evolver, which offers the most advanced test capabilities available, supports 2G-5G and multiple protocols, and enables active monitoring to assure performance throughout the lifecycle of services and 5G network slices.

Traditionally, many operators have used third-party solutions for their test and validation requirements. However, many of these either need replacing, as some manufacturers retire products, or have also lacked the necessary investments to make them fit for purpose in the 5G Standalone (SA) era. As you know, this brings dynamic orchestration of services and network slices, large volumes of high-speed data, and requires an iterative DevOps approach to ensure service differentiation and innovation.

For example, NETSCOUT’s Spectra 2 is near to end of life, while other test solutions such as EXFO’s QA-805 have already been discontinued (on 15 December 2020, and with an end-of-service and support date set for 31 December 2024).

It means that many operators are taking stock and reconsidering their compliance solutions, processes, and strategy. So, how will operators continue to ensure that their test and validation activities are supported in the 5G era?

Gain advanced test capabilities and active monitoring with Emblasoft Evolver

Emblasoft Evolver is a comprehensive test and validation platform that supports 2G-5G test and validation, and offers active monitoring to ensure that all network services and slices are delivering the required KPIs, performance, and QoE for end users from pre-launch until the end of the service (or slice) lifecycle.

Not only that, Evolver is one of the most advanced test and validation suites available today, allowing operators to confidently migrate from legacy solutions and gain state-of-the-art capabilities.

As well as supporting a CI/CD/CT approach, which enables the launch of fast-to-market upgrades and the launch of innovative new services, Evolver’s active monitoring capabilities allow operators to model real scenarios in live networks to ensure that performance levels are optimised and maintained at all times. Any issue in the network creates an alarm that alerts administrators to issues, enabling to fix them before they impact the customer.

Evolver supports legacy protocols, such as SS7 MAP and Diameter, as well as SIP for voice and video. For a full list of protocols and interfaces Evolver supports, click here. It supports 4G LTE and 5G across these listed protocols, and is fully compatible with all networks, and supports SIP trunk-based applications at the border gateway (NNI interfaces).

It provides fully automated test and active monitoring capabilities and comes with a comprehensive library of pre-defined test scenarios – although almost any scenario can be created and executed by distributed active agents, at scale.

Multiple use cases enabled by Emblasoft Evolver: Book a demo

Just some of the use cases and test scenarios that can be modelled by Evolver, include:

  • 5G Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) Roaming – a key enabler for inter-operator control plane signalling.
  • 5G Core Nodes – The 5G core brings the opportunity to deploy multi-vendor solutions. Evolver enables end-to-end validation, assurance, and emulation of key functions, with the simulation of UE from the gNodeB, as well as active monitoring and assurance with software agents in live networks.
  • 5G SBA / SBI – Evolver provides a complete, flexible platform with rich reporting and automation functions to support CI/CD/CT practices. It offers HTTP/2 capabilities to enable the testing of different VNFs in the SBA, both in isolation and in combination.
  • Messaging: RCS, RBM and SMS – Evolver uses full-stack simulations for SIP, MSRP, HTTP, Diameter, and other protocols to verify the functions of messaging and RCS / RBM systems. It can simulate traffic from a User Agent Server (UAS) or User Agent Client (UAC), and traffic from a SIP server node.
  • IMS, VoLTE and VoWiFi – Virtualised IMS systems require operators to perform their own validation and assurance of system performance and scalability. Evolver provides functional and performance testing, along with active monitoring.
  • 5G Network Slicing – Slices offer new, differentiated services for operators and their B2B customers, but need to be assured individually and at every stage of their lifecycle. Evolver provides objective QoS measurements, in live networks, alongside the devices deployed by service users.

Emblasoft Evolver enables operators to gracefully and successfully replace legacy test and validation solutions without disruption to the business. As well as extending the functional capabilities of existing third-party tools, it offers active monitoring, and hundreds of new test case scenarios with the adaptability to support multiple use cases.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us show you Evolver in action with a live demo that is focused on your priority use cases and test/monitoring requirements.

Contact us today and book a demo.