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Telenor and partners unveil innovative automated solution for rapid 5G service deployment in a multivendor network

Telenor and partners unveil innovative automated solution for rapid 5G service deployment in a multivendor network


Telenor and partners unveil innovative automated solution for rapid 5G service deployment in a multivendor network

Telenor and partners, including Emblasoft, Nokia, Oracle, Red Hat, and others, are proud to showcase their collaborative automated 5G service provision solution.

Emblasoft is proud to announce its role in a consortium of vendors – led by Telenor, and consisting of Casa Systems, ENEA, Nokia, Oracle, Red Hat, Tata Consultancy Services, as well as Emblasoft – which delivered a fully-automated solution for rapid 5G service deployment and activation.

Members of the consortium have cooperated and partnered to develop a solution that delivers on-demand customised end-to-end 5G services within minutes, to provide flexible seamless service and network orchestration across all domains and layers in the tech stack – from infrastructure to services – in a multi-vendor environment.

Flexible, rapid, automated 5G service provision

Service providers and operators need to be able to flexibly provision 5G services, quickly and in a way that is best suited to their own resources and requirements. This solution developed by the consortium offers flexible deployment models – including choice of virtual machines and containers – with zero-touch provisioning and autonomous workload management. As a result, it offers operators new levels of performance and agility, while reducing complexity, overhead and costs.

The solution integrates orchestration capabilities from Tata Consultancy Services, Nokia, and Red Hat to automate the deployment of infrastructure, network services, and applications from multiple vendors in a repeatable and cloud-native form.

It means that vertical customers can order mobile private network services with just a few clicks, with the entire deployment process taking around 20–30 minutes. A live 5G network then becomes operational for mobile devices. As a result, it reduces time-to-market and operational costs.

The solution – with each partner bringing their own specialism to the table – can operate in multiple deployment scenarios, including on-premise and public cloud, enabling service providers to scale and monetise 5G services and slices rapidly in a hybrid environment.

Automated instantiation, orchestration, launch, and active monitoring

Each service is automatically instantiated, orchestrated, launched, and operated, based on a supporting infrastructure of best-of-breed, cloud-native 5G SA network functions that combine to deliver seamless performance. It provides a unique combination of attributes to enable rapid instantiation of network slices. In turn, the launch of customised 5G services tailored to customer needs, including security, AI capabilities, data management, and monitoring tools.

Emblasoft Evolver is used to inject synthetic traffic that simulates UE devices to emulate real-world network traffic scenarios and provide deep insight into network and service performance, and end-user QoE. The result “is a truly integrated framework that allows services to be requested, customised – and automatically tested, end-to-end”.

Flexibility and agility to meet mission-critical operations

The automated solution is also ideal for mission-critical scenarios, such as Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) and Emergency Response, as it’s able to scale according to immediate requirements and ensure rapid and reliable communications.

It uses standardised interfaces and architecture, allowing new components to be added easily and quickly, and standard deployment procedures. The architecture also enables integration with other third-party tools.

This solution revolutionises the simplicity, speed, and efficiency of 5G service and slice deployment, notably in a multivendor environment that avoids vendor ‘lock-in’. It offers service providers flexibility, agility, rapid time-to-market and monetisation opportunities, reduced overhead costs, and active monitoring to detect faults before they effect service quality.

Emblasoft and partners are proud to share the details of the collaboration and this unique, innovative solution for the rapid, automated provision and orchestration of 5G services.

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