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Release Notes

Documents and release notes


Version Date
  • PureLoad 6.3.1 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.3.1 includes minor improvements and bug fixes.

    Minor Improvements

    • TimestampTask: epoch format added
    • Update FlatLaf Look and Feel to latest version
    • PingTask: source address can now be specified
    • Console: Change to Bits as default in Tool Properties

    Bug fixes

    • Reflective access warning not suppressed:
    • Console: on stop
    • Console: Parameter generator, IndexOutOfBoundsException
    • Console: Invalid background used in Task Types view for “Flat (Dark)”
    • Console: Log output text area has grey text background (depending on Look and Feel)
    • Console: Call “Cleanable” on runtime attributes after scenario attributes
    • Console: Connect window not properly sized (depending on L&F and font)
    • Extract TLS v1.3 master key
  • PureLoad 6.3 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.3 includes new features, minor changes and bug fixes.

    Java version

    Only Java 11 is supported in version 6.3. Installers with bundled Java 11 are recommended.

    New Features and Improvements

    • Console: Allow setting font using tool properties
    • Support IPv6 for internal communication
    • Console: Remember last used directory when open new PLC file
    • Console: Allow changing Look & Feel without restarting
    • Console: Flat Look and Feel improvements
    • Extract tasks: Unify task parameter usage

    Bug fixes

    • Worker stops responding in long-running test (memory leak)
    • Console: Layout of text area parameters sometimes not correct
    • Console: Can not navigate in the task tree using keyboard
    • Console: Key bindings for scenario tree doesn’t work when using Flat look and feel
    • Console: Debug mode should be disabled when loading an new PLC file
    • Console: Avoid duplicated entries in “File -> Open Recent” menu
    • Console: Make sure entries in “File -> Open Recent” menu are sorted (most recent at top)
    • HttpPostChunkedTask missing in system tasks
    • Worker log: no space between log originator and message
  • PureLoad 6.2.3 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.2.3 includes bug fixes and minor features.

    Bugs fixed

    • Better error message when incompatible version used
    • SSHExecTask: Add option to discard output
    • SSH Tasks: Formatting of debug log messages not correct
    • ScriptTask: reports BlockedException as error (now ignored)
    • Console: Upgrade FlatLaf Look and Feel
    • HttpDigestAuth: new task to generate HTTP digest authentication information
    • runner-ci: NullPointerException if no results produced
    • runner-cmd: can not connect to numerical IP
    • Threading Multi not working properly
    • License Manager 6.0 not compatible with 6.2
  • PureLoad 6.2.2 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.2.2 includes bug fixes.

    Bugs fixed

    • Comparer: Issues when opening multiple comparer files
    • HttpInitTask: Enables SSL protocol value not always applied
    • HttpPostMultiFileUploadTask: Support chunked transfer encoding
    • Console: Referenced task editor values not always applied
    • Runner-cmd: Allow result queries while other runner client already have started a test
    • Runner-server: Incorrect error handling of unknown tasks
    • Taskspace: Parameter generator initialization slow with large files
  • PureLoad 6.2.1 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.2.1 includes bug fixes.

    Bugs fixed

    • DNSLookupTask: Add support for SRV, NAPTR and other types
    • Console: Parameter generators (Datasources) should be sorted
    • Runner: Worker log not flushed at end of test
    • Runner: one runner clients can start new test, while another client already have started a test
  • PureLoad 6.2 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.2 includes new features, minor changes and bug fixes.

    Java version

    Only Java 11 is supported in version 6.2. Installers with bundled Java 11 are recommended.

    New Features

    Look and Feel

    A new Look and Feel is introduced: Flat. Flat is a new modern Look and Feel that looks almost flat (no shadows or gradients), clean, simple and elegant.

    • New Look and Feel: Flat (light) and Flat (dark)
    • Native Look and Feels (Windows/Mac) as well as “Alloy” not supported any longer

    HTTP Based Monitoring

    A new type of monitoring based on HTTP is introduced as a complement to the existing SSH and SNMP based monitoring.


    • New task: TimestampTask to generate a timestamp
    • New task: HttpPatchTask to send HTTP PATCH requests (RFC 5789)
    • Task group “newhttp” renamed to “http”

    Comparer Updates

    • Command line interface added to compare data
    • Thread usage graph/table is now correct
    • Right pane in “Time Slot Graph” can now be resized as expected
    • Now possible to load multiple comparer data files with same name
    • Comparer data does not contains non-executed tasks any more
    • Old comparer data (6.0 and 6.1) can now be loaded

    Other improvements and bug fixes

    • Console: Improve “Property and State Verification” dialog at start
    • Console: Always use a fixed width for for result data
    • Console: Improve layout of really long error messages
    • Console: Do not show empty sub sequences in result
    • Console: Missed slot in thread usage reported as 0
    • Console: Improve error messages when data sources are invalid
    • Console: Blank HTTP response rendering (binary JSON data)
    • Console: Distribution Policy should be “Follow Distribution” by default
    • Console: Debug menu never enabled
    • Console: Result graph color shifted in some cases
    • Console: Right pane in “Time Slot Graph” can not be resized
    • Console: display nodes in scenario editor with zero iterations as disabled nodes
    • Console: changing iterations in scenario editor is sometimes applied to multiple nodes
    • Workers: Worker process sometimes using 100% CPU after restart
    • TaskSpace: Schedules unevenly between workers
    • Http Tasks: HttpPostMultiFileUploadTask – Execution could hang
    • Runner: HTML report error when no manager available
    • Runner: Error when trying to get information without workers
    • Runner: Java Exception displayed instead of error message when specifying wrong path
    • Runner: Temp. directory not removed
    • Runtime: Variable parse error for unclosed variable
    • Runtime: Better error message for failing scenario expression evaluation
  • PureLoad 6.1.3 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.1.3 includes bug fixes only.

    Bugs fixed

    • Workers: worker process sometimes using 100% CPU after restart.
    • TaskSpace: scenarios scheduled unevenly between workers
  • PureLoad 6.1.2 - Change Log

    PureLoad 6.1.2 includes s bug fix only.

    Bugs fixed

    This version solves a compatibility issue related to comparer data, where comparer data from version 6.1 (in some cases) could not be read by version 6.1.1.

    This version can read comparer data from all 6.x versions released.

  • PureLoad 6.1.1 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.1.1 includes bug fixes.

    Bugs fixed

    • KPI exception when min/max not enabled
    • Task result data not cleared between scenario executions
    • HTTP Tasks: HTTP Digest Authentication, incorrect handling of transfer encoding
    • Invalid task parameter gives unspecified error
    • Sequence “Referred By”, improve GUI layout
    • PoolGetTask: On timeout error is reported. Should report timeout.
  • PureLoad 6.1 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.1 includes improvements and bug fixes.

    New Features

    • New result metrics: Ok/Timeout/Failed percentage
    • KPI: Add Ok/Timeout/Failed Percentage metrics
    • Monitor: Allow SSH monitors to report delta value
    • LogTask: New task to add logging entries
    • Console: KPI konfiguration updated to enable/disable KPI thresholds

    Usability improvements

    • Console: Scenario edit copy-paste always expands nodes
    • Console: Scenario/Sequence/Tasks should not be expanded when Iteration is set to 0 for initial load of PLC file
    • Console: When task read-only it’s hard to read on some platforms (like VNC)

    Bugs fixed

    • Add to Task Space fail when extension task classes are missing
    • KPI: Specifying decimal number for thresholds doesn’t work on European locale
    • SSHShellTask: Task parameter “Shell Subsystem” has no effect
    • Console: Distribution parameter change not applied
    • Console: Conditional expressions, numerical variables not typed correctly
    • Runner: runner-server fail with timeout error when no threads defined
  • PureLoad 6.0 – Change Log

    PureLoad 6.0 includes new features, minor changes and bug fixes.

    New Features

    • Improved Support for Continuous Integration
      • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) added
      • New client to simplify Continuous Integration: runner-ci
      • Jenkins plugin
    • GUI Improvements
      • New Look and Feels: Nimbus, GTK+
      • Task Search
      • Added action to save debug execution log
      • Added “Debug” menu
      • Allow installing licence file from GUI
      • Results summary view updated to include bytes transferred
      • New distribution: Polyline
      • Various minor improvements
        • Sub-Tab Views: Place all tabs at top
        • Failed Tasks – Expansion of nodes
        • Simplify Expanding/collapsing tree nodes
        • Tool tip – Set longer time before tip removed
        • Scenario Editor – Allow setting iterations using drop-down list
        • Result Summary: Display throughput in kilo/Mega/Giga bits per second
        • Tool Properties: Choose how to present throughput i tables and graphs
        • Tasks menu removed (Use “Edit->Load All Custom Tasks” to load custom tasks)
    • KPIs
      • PLC file format updated
      • Console
        • Configuration: New tab/view
        • Results: new tab/view
      • Runtime: KPI checked
      • Reports: New JUnit XML Report
      • Reports: KPIs included in HTML Report
      • Runner: Added support for KPIs
    • Improved Comparer
      • Summary, KPI and Thread Usage included in comparer data
      • New comparer data format (not backwards compatible)
    • Export All Improvements
      • “Export All” update to include more information (Reports and used PLC file)
    • Runner
        • Runner applications renamed:
            runner -> runner-server
            runnercmd -> runner-cmd
        • Added support to generate JUnit report
        • Added support for “Export All”
      • Internal Optimisations
        • RMI replaced with internal TCP based protocol
        • Performance improvements communicating with taskspace
      • Various Changes
        • Java 11 (OpenJDK) supported
        • Console: Issue warnings if versions of naming, taskspace and managers not the same
        • Console: Progress bar not correct if multiple scenarios exist, but only one selected for test
        • A number of system variables are now always set when tasks are executed. See documentation “Scenario Editor / Scenario Variables / System Variables”
        • Performance improvements communicating with taskspace
        • License Manager: Updated to work with version 6.0 and 5.3
        • DNSLookupTask: New implementation with local address and store results variable
        • Http Tasks: Support TLS 1.3 (Java 11 only)
        • HttpPostMultiFileUploadTask: allow using Content-Type, without charset defined, per part
        • Monitoring: Support for Windows Monitoring (using NSClient++) removed
        • Web Crawler tool removed

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: Improve error handling saving external parameter generators
      • Console: When “File->New” used the configured monitors are not cleared
      • Scenario Editor: When debugging a referenced scenario, error state (task marked red) not displayed
      • HTTP Tasks: all server certificates not accepted when client certificates used
      • HttpProgressiveDownloadTask: TTFB (Time To First Byte) not reported
      • SetVariableTask: Using a variable defined in same task does not work
      • VerifyTask: Description not correct
      • PLC format: make sure XML attributes are save in a sorted order
      • Runner: import of many workers might cause timeout
      • Console: Logical name mix-up
      • Console: Progress bar not correct if multiple scenarios exist, but only one selected for test
    • PureLoad 5.3.11 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3.11 includes minor improvements.


      • New Distribution Function: Polyline Distribution
      • HttpInitTask: Added parameter to allow calculating response body MD5 checksum
      • AsynchHttpDeleteTask: New task to support asynch HTTP DELETE
    • PureLoad 5.3.10 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3.10 includes bug fixes.

      Bugs fixed

      • Issues when reloading PLC files including HttpPostFileTask
      • HttpPostMultiFileUploadTask: new HTTP task to support multipart/form-data POST of multiple files
      • Scenario Editor: When debugging a referenced scenario, error state (task marked red) not displayed
    • PureLoad 5.3.9 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3.9 includes bug fixes.

      Bugs fixed

      • Monitoring: SSH connections not always closed as expected.
      • HTTP Tasks: Can not change to follow redirects or not, using a second HttpInitTask.
      • PLC format: make sure XML attributes are save in a sorted order.
    • PureLoad 5.3.8 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3.8 includes a bug fix.

      Bugs fix

      • All HTTP tasks now support “Read Timeout” task parameter
    • PureLoad 5.3.7 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3.7 includes bug fixes.

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: Failed Tasks, Invalid error summary displayed in graph
      • Console: Sequence with “Condition: always” not reported
      • Console/Runner: If Worker Manager dead, test can’t be stopped
      • Runner: Can not start test if worker manager is missing
    • PureLoad 5.3.6 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3.6 includes minor improvements and bug fixes.


      • Monitoring: Add “retry” parameter for SSH collector
      • Monitoring: Add support for key-based authentication
      • External Tasks: Enable use of IP pool by external tasks
      • Added task: HttpPostFileTask

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: “Comparer Data Auto Save” caused time slot view to show metrics for all tasks when stopped
      • Runner: import of many workers is causing timeout
      • HttpProgressiveDownloadTask: TTFB (Time To First Byte) not reported
    • PureLoad 5.3.4 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3.4 includes bug fixes.

      Bugs fixed

      • Http Tasks: setting timeout not always applied (when a connection already exists)
      • Runtime: Task timeout might be reported as “Unknown error” if runtime setting is “Timeout is Error”
      • HttpProgressiveDownloadTask: Read Timeout task parameter is missing
      • Monitoring: Memory usage not calculated correctly on CentOS
    • PureLoad 5.3.3 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3.3 includes minor improvements and bug fixes.


      • HTTP Recorder: Stability change
      • HTTP Recorder: Various SSL/TLS updates
      • HTTP Recorder: Always use plain HTTP connection when acting as reverse proxy
      • Added task: HttpPostFileTask

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: Progress bar does not (always) update properly
      • Console/Runner: Importing a PLC file only imports one scenario
      • Console: Warning about low memory and “compacting timeslots” to early
      • Console: Result Summary – Selecting worker in does not show summary information
      • Asynch HTTP tasks: Read no of bytes not (always) reported
      • SSHShellTask: Failed tasks view shows invalid result information
      • Console: Debugger/Worker log views should use fixed width font
      • AsynchHttpInitTask: can not change proxy settings without restarting
      • Console: Reference sequence, possible to create cycles
    • PureLoad 5.3.1 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3.1 includes minor improvements and bug fixes.


      • HTTP Tasks: add read timeout
      • HTTP Recorder: support reverse proxy recording
      • Console: add tool property to control worker log format
      • Update all logging to use millisecond precision
      • Console: Improve message when threads removed
      • Console: Improve formatting of error window showing non existent managers
      • Console: Improve execution of conditional sequences in debug mode

      Bugs fixed

      • HTTP asynch tasks: Setting proxy for HTTPS doesn’t work
      • HTTP Tasks: Do not set TLS SNI if literal IP address is used
      • SSHExecTask: improve reporting and logging on timeouts
      • Console: Changing Look and Feel using tool properties should force a restart
      • Console: debugger collapses scenario when executing referenced sequence
      • Console: Not possible to select root node and replace parameters
      • HttpProgressiveDownloadTask: “Method has been aborted” errors reported
    • PureLoad 5.3 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.3 includes new features as well as minor improvements and bug fixes.

      New Features

      Java 8 supported

      Java 8 is now supported and required to use PureLoad.

      Added possibility to reference/use other sequences within PLC file

      Now common sequences can be referenced from multiple scenarios to provide a way to structure scenarios with common sequences.

      Linux Any-IP support and creating massive amount of connections

      Using Any-IP is a new (preferred) alternative to using the PureSNAT kernel module to simulate many IP addresses. The advantage being that Any-IP support is included with modern Linux distributions and also allows creating more connections on a host. See the documentation for more details.

      To support Any-IP a new task is introduced: IpSocketInitTask to set socket options. The option IP_TRANSPARENT is required to support_Any-IP, but SO_REUSEADDR can also be used to reuse connections and to be able to create massive amount of connections.

      New Console features

      • Automatically save comparer data to disk, during execution
      • New function to show variables used for a selected scenario/sequence
      • Allow multiple managers with same address (different ports)

      New Runner Features

      • New command to export excel results
      • New command to get worker thread usage
      • New command to change distribution intensity of scenarios to be executed

      HTTP Tasks Updated

      • HTTP POST/PUT: renamed tasks to be consistent
      • HttpPutFormTask: New HTTP PUT task sending web forms


      Console Improvements

      • Detect if any changes before asking to save
      • Improve time and disk requirement saving comparer data
      • Prevent editing nodes in scenario tree when test is running
      • Show formatted JSON responses in result/debug views
      • Add support to include information to be used when contacting support
      • View XML response if content is UTF-16 (an no character encoding known)
      • Update Distribution confirmation
      • Monitoring: Upgrade to support modern SSH security algorithms
      • Might hung when “Open Recent” files on a broken NFS server

      Other Improvements

      • HTTP Recorder: Add option to filter based on URL
      • SSH Tasks: Update to support modern security algorithms
      • HttpInitTask: Add parameter to set local source port(s) to be used
      • AsynchHttpCloseTask: New task to close asynch. HTTP connections
      • HTTP Recorder: support HTTP PUT
      • Runtime: improved error messages for “unhanded” exceptions in tasks

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: Parameter generator value not saved
      • Console: “Open Recent” only shows saved files
      • HttpProgressiveDownloadTask: “Content-Range: bytes 0-1/*” not accepted
      • Console: Failed Tasks: If many different errors are reported, the Console might hung
      • Console: Linux Memory Collector exclude buffers / cached
      • Console: Tool property: “Report Worker Thread Information” should be disabled by default
      • Changing naming port doesn’t work as expected in standalone mode
      • Console: Tool property “Report thread information” now off by default
      • Async HTTP Tasks: TLS SNI (Server Name Indication) not working
      • VerifyTask: empty result data throws exception
    • PureLoad 5.2.3 – Change Log


      • Runtime: Performance executing sequences with conditions improved
      • VerifyTask: added condition “find”
      • Runner: added command to generate simple HTML report

      Bugs fixed

      • HTTP Tasks: Preemptive digest authentication is per client, but should be per connection
      • HTTP Tasks: Follow redirect doesn’t handle port correctly
      • Console: Clarify error messages when license is invalid
      • VerifyTask: improve error message if DATA used and no content exist
      • VerifyTask: Error when “DATA” specified by typing text
    • PureLoad 5.2.2 – Change Log

      Bugs fixed

      • File Parameter Generator: fixed bug where relative path was not backwards compatible
    • PureLoad 5.2.1 – Change Log

      Minor improvements

      • Relative path’s can be used in File Parameter Generator
        See File Parameter Generator documentation.
      • Default heap sizes increased

      Bugs fixed

      • HTTP Tasks: Automatic redirect doesn’t work between different hosts (depending on target server)
      • HTTP Tasks: TLS SNI (Server Name Indication) does not work with Java 1.8
      • HttpInitTask: Parameter Generator button displayed for boolean task attributes
      • HttpProgressiveDownloadTask – Follow redirects doesn’t work
      • Workers: Persistent Storage not working
    • PureLoad 5.2 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.2 includes new features as well as improvements and bug fixes.

      New Features

      Time To First Byte

      Time To First Byte (TTFB) is now collected and reported by most tasks. TTFB is defined as the time from sending a network request to the first byte received in a response.

      Support for SOCKS5 based proxy

      The standard HTTP tasks now supports using a SOCKS5 based proxy. This is controlled by the HttpInitTask.

      Other Features and Improvements

      • HttpCloseTask: new HTTP task to close all connections within a scenario
      • SSH ScpGetTask/ScpPutTask: Support wildcards to copy multiple files
      • SSH SScpGetTask/ScpPutTask: Support preserving times and modes from the original file
      • Console: Added support for Delete of nodes (i. not saving to clipboard)
      • Console: Enable loading custom tasks from all views
      • CommandTask: improved argument handling

      Bugs fixed

      • SetVariableTask: memory leak if parameter gen. values used
      • Console/Comparer: Failed task view – all failures reported at the same time (after a while)
      • Console hung if unable to read .pureload file
      • Console: Export Comparer Data does not work with Java 1.8
      • Runner: When max timeslots (property “max.slots”) is reached, no timeslot information can be fetched
      • Runner: warn if no workers defined
      • IP Pool: Do not include IPv6 scope ID
      • HttpInitTask: TLS 1.1 can not be selected
      • HttpInitTask: Remove SSLv2 option (not supported by Java any longer)
      • HTTP Tasks: Trim trailing spaces in URL
    • PureLoad 5.1.4 – Change Log

      Minor improvements

      • HttpInitTask: Add option to follow redirects
      • PoolInitTask/PoolPutTask: new tasks to save any variables to a Runtime pool (shared between scenarios per Worker)
      • SnatInitTask: updated to support server sockets
      • PureSNAT kernel module: updated to support newer Linux kernel versions
      • Runner: Add monitor slot commands to runnercmd (similar to result timeslot commands)
      • Runner: Add optional argument <task path> to command total

      Bugs fixed

      • Comparer: all failed tasks when using more than one compare data file is shown in 1’st slot
      • Scenario Debug: Reset runtime when debug enabled (not for each scenario)
      • Runner: Export comparer data does not include “All Tasks” information for timeslots
    • PureLoad 5.1.3 – Change Log

      Minor improvements

      • Console: Allow worker managers to be restarted during test execution
      • HttpHeadTask: New Task to support sending HTTP HEAD requests
      • HttpInitTask: Matching on content types should be case insensitive

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: If Exit selected followed by “Save File” the PLC file might not be fully saved
      • Comparer: Exceptions in time slot view, when selecting Kbits/sec
      • Runner: Command to export PLC file wrongly named “export”; should be “exportplc”
    • PureLoad 5.1.2 – Change Log

      Minor improvements

      • HttpOptionsTask: New task to support sending HTTP OPTIONS request
      • HttpPostChunkedTask: New task to send HTTP POST/PUT requests using chunked transfer encoding
      • Runner: Add support to import PLC file
      • Runner: Allow fetching a specified resource for a monitor collector
      • Runner: Allow using “ALL” to get timeslot info for all tasks
      • Runner: ?all-tasks? reported by “alltimeslot” command
      • Runner: Add support to export current configuration as PLC file

      Bugs fixed

      • Runtime: Validate variable names before using in expressions
      • Runtime: Using invalid variable value does not cause task to fail
      • Runner: “alltimeslot false” not working
    • PureLoad 5.1.1 – Change Log

      Bugs fixed

      • Collector: SSH collector hangs if connections timeout > 0
      • HttpExtractTask: “No data exists to extract from, previous result did not produce any content.” even if response with headers returned
      • PLC Files: Unordered elements in scenario file
      • Console: No indication in console if a test is running using the Runner server
      • Console: Some File actions incorrectly disabled during load test
    • PureLoad 5.1 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.1 includes new features as well as minor improvements and bug fixes.

      New Features

      Runner Interface

      A new server, The PureLoad Runner, is provided with PureLoad Enterprise. The Runner allows load-tests being executed without using the graphical GUI (The PureLoad Console).

      This means that you now can automate and control your load tests using a Java API or a command line interface. The API and command line interface allows you to load a PLC, start/stop a load test, get results etc.


      • New Runner server
      • Public Java API to communicate with Runner and control a load test
      • Client command interface to to control a load test

      Worker Logging

      Logging information (Worker log) improvements:

      • Workers: More information displayed when logging information about failed tasks
      • Control logging information in worker logs using the logging tool properties
      • Workers: Improved performance when logging to file or syslog

      New Parameter Generator

      • New generator to generate IP addresses

      Sequence Conditions and “Stop on Error”

      • Conditional Sequences: Allow using expression even if “Stop on Error” set
      • RunTimeSettingTask: Allow “Stop on Error” to have more choices: “Stop Sequence”, “Stop Scenario” and “Off”
      • Add tool property to control the scenario debug behaviour when tasks reports errors

      Support for more devices added for HTTP Tasks

      • HttpUserAgentProfileTask: Add support for new Browser versions and devices

      Minor Improvements

      • HttpInitTask: allow more choices for supported SSL protocols
      • Console: Loading a PLC with workers defined takes unnecessary long time
      • Console: New tool property to allow setting date/time format for results
      • Console: “Open->Recent File” improvements: only show existing files and update when file saved.
      • Console: When typing in DescriptionTask words get cut at new line
      • Console: Removed Tool Property: “Debug Execution” (mainly of interest for internal usage)
      • Installer: minor improvements (JAVA_HOME always used for Linux)
      • Comparer data: do not export comparer information about disabled collectors or resources
      • PLC Files: Consistent PLC file structure and ordering when saved
      • Console: Summary Results; Show total statistics based on selection in result task tree
      • VerifyTask: Editor does not resize horizontally
      • System Tasks: Minor performance improvements and improved debug message

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: NullPointerException when renaming parameter generator file column
      • Console: Wrong default file name in save file dialog when using “Open Recent”
      • Console: Distribution with high y0/y1 and a long execution time migh give negative number of iterations
      • Console: Number of tasks in footer shows total, not the number actually loaded in taskspace
      • Console: Worker log might show information for more than one worker (if many workers used)
      • Console: Worker View: Worker not sorted correctly (when more than 10)
      • Console: Exceptions thrown when re-creating many (more than 10) workers per manager
      • Console: Progress timer stops (if test running) when entering debug mode
      • Console: Error importing PLC file with external parameter generators
      • Http Tasks: SNI should only be used when TLS is used
      • HTTP Tasks: When using HTTPS/SSL with a non-standard port (443) connections are closed between 1’st and 2’nd request
      • Comparer: When comparing 2 result sets do not show the date in table views
      • Monitoring: Minor bugs in error handling and error messages
    • PureLoad 5.0.3 – Change Log

      Bugs fixed

      • PLC files saved is not formatted correctly (missing line feeds)
      • Asynch HTTP tasks do do not support TLS/SNI
      • AsynchHttpInitTask: Can not change some parameters (such as Proxy) when running in scenario debugger
      • Http Tasks: Error trying to read body from CONNECT method (when Proxy used)
    • PureLoad 5.0.2 - Change Log

      Bugs fixed

      • File Parameter Generator: new column renames all references
      • HttpVerifyResponseTask should allow multi-line values
      • Scenario Editor: slow when debugging (if large content stored as variables)
      • Scenario Tree Undo/Redo: Doesn't work when using multiple scenarios
      • JsonExtractTask: quoted names can not be extracted
      • JsonExtractTask: problem using function on root object
      • HttpPutFileTask not closing used files
      • Http Tasks: Error trying to read body from CONNECT method (now ignored)
    • PureLoad 5.0 – Change Log

      PureLoad 5.0 includes new features as well as minor improvements and bug fixes.

      New Features

      SNAT (Source Network Address Translation)

      By using a SNAT kernel module, PureLoad is now able to simulate thousands IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6) from one server.

      • Support for SNAT now fully supported on (Linux), both for TCP and UDP
      • Allow simulation of source IP addresses, without need to create virtual IP addresses
      • Both IPv4 and IPv6 supported
      • SnatInitTask initialize IP ranges and (optionally) ports to be used

      Parameter Generator Improvements

      • Support for parameter generators stored in external files
      • Copy/Paste supported for parameter generators
      • Support checking if/where parameter generators used within scenarios

      Worker Log

      • Make it possible to see log records for all managers/works in one view
      • Logging includes information about failed tasks
      • Support worker logs to be written to file
      • Support workers to send log messages to a remote syslog daemon

      PureLoad Free

      New PureLoad Free Edition is now available:

      • Request a free license when you download
      • License will allow you to use 100 virtual clients

      Improved Support for Mobile Devices

      • HttpUserAgentProfileTask: New task to support setting of Device dependent headers (User-Agent, Accept etc.) for a varity of browsers and mobile devices
      • HttpInitTask: Easier to select bandwidth limitation for adapted for mobile devices

      HTTP Results View

      • Execution results content view to show images, hex and formatted XML view
      • Search operation supported for text content

      Java 1.7

      Both Java version 1.6 and 1.7 are now supported.

      Signed Installer and Launchers

      Installer and launchers now signed using official certificates on Windows and Mac.

      Minor Improvements

      • Console: “File->New?” is supported
      • Console: Allow setting stop time “infinite” for scenario distributions
      • SetVariableTask: Set evaluated variable values (allow expressions in value)
      • Console: Distribution – change distribution intensity or iteration while test is running
      • Console: Allow clearing of results during ongoing test
      • Tasks: Add comment/description parameter in every task
      • DNSLookupTask: Allow specification of DNS server port
      • Console will warn 30 days before license expired

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: Unnecessary amount native threads created
      • Results might show incorrect sequence counts if variable iterations used
      • Parameter generators inside constant “variable” iterations wrongfully disallowed
      • Invalid result if bits/bytes changed while test in progress
      • Loading scenario with 0 threads is slow
      • HTTP Tasks: Automatic HTTP parameter substitution clashes with variables
      • HTTP Post Task: Post body in Execution Result not scrollable
      • AsynchHttpinitTask: Context not reset as expected when used in a loop/sequence
      • Comparer. No way to select “Show as bytes or Bits”
      • Console: Help -> License sometimes shows invalid number of threads (if used with license manager)
      • Calendar Parameter Generator: changes not (always) applied when selecting another parameter generator
    • PureLoad 4.3.5 – Change Log

      Minor improvements and Bugs fixed

      • New task: HttpInitAKATask to support Digest AKA authentication
      • Console: Unnecessary native threads used
      • HTTP Recorder: Errors when client closes connection before server responded should not be logged as errors
    • PureLoad 4.3.4 – Change Log

      Minor improvements and Bugs fixed

      • Console: solved exception starting test (“Add scenarios to TaskSpace failed”) in rare cases
      • Console: solved IndexOutOfBounds Exception when compacting slots (in rare cases)
      • Console: now gives warning when connection to naming already in use
      • Task API: allow retrieving previous execute time
      • HttpInitTask: add parameter to allow control of max no of connections within scenario
      • Console: issue when reconnecting to restarted Naming
      • Console: Tool Properties: “Monitor Poll Interval” isn’t properly propagated and used
      • Taskspace: improved performance when using many workers
      • Taskspace: adding scenarios with changed file datasources might fail
      • Taskspace: using large files as datasources slows down taskspace access
      • Http Tasks: posting binary data might hang console (or PureTest) in debug mode
      • Http Tasks: digest authentication fails if domains separated with more than one whitespace
      • SSH Tasks: Add support for SSH subsystem
    • PureLoad 4.3.1 – Change Log

      Minor improvements and Bugs fixed

      • Console: Exceptions when loading PLC with unknown workers displayed in Debug log
      • Workers: Multi threading with initial delay use a lot of CPU
      • Workers: timeout polling workers under high load
      • Manager: if no tty defined, manager might loop when started
      • Servers: Exception starting servers on Linux if invalid X11 configuration used
      • HttpExtractTask: Not possible to extract HTTP response status code
      • VerifyTask: can not handle values with newline
      • Telnet Tasks: there is no way to set local host address
      • SSH Tasks: Add support for SSH public key authentication
    • PureLoad 4.3 – Change Log

      PureLoad 4.3 includes new features as well as minor improvements and bug fixes.

      New Features

      Runtime Enhancements

      • Several improvements in taskspace access and performance
      • Optimized worker access and polling


      • Added support for SNMP based monitoring
      • Added SNMP MIB browser to configure SNMP based monitoring
      • Improved performance and stability for SSH based monitoring
      • Monitor configuration enhancements (including cut/copy/paste of multiple nodes)
      • Monitoring poll interval now a tool property

      Minor Improvements

      • Add option for AsynchHttpGetResponseTask to wait for result
      • Console: Update execution time in real time

      Bugs fixed

      • Monitoring: Collector/Resource test is not using Proxy if specified
      • Monitoring: polling interval should default be aligned with result polling interval
      • Console: Time-axes for thread usage is not correct
      • Console: Remove threads during test does not work
      • Console: View as bits / bytes not initialized
      • Console: When using debug mode resources not always closed properly
      • Console: Removing workers might show error messages
      • AsynchHttpInit: Set idle timeout
      • HttpInitTask: can’t use variable to set b
    • PureLoad 4.2.3 – Change Log

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: Incorrect thread usage for Worker Manager when using multiple Worker Managers
      • Console: Warning on number of tasks removed from start confirmation
      • Console: “Export All” doesn’t export all monitor data (in some cases)
      • Console: “get failed tasks” might give timeout on high load
      • Console: Test monitor during execution clear all collected monitor data
    • PureLoad 4.2.2 – Change Log

      Bugs fixed

      • Follow Distribution does not work with low intensity
      • HTTP Asynch tasks: Async exchange timeout incorrect
      • Console: Thread usage per thread not added correctly
      • Console: Stop / Abort Worker can hang GUI
      • Console: Issue (extra) warning if starting with “report worker thread information” and more than 1000 threads
      • New task: HttpProgressiveDownloadTask to simulate HTTP download of media resources using Range headers
    • PureLoad 4.2.1 – Change Log

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: GUI freezes when many threads used
      • Console: GUI freezes when “Stopped” and using multi threading
      • Conditional sequence, always not completely executed
      • The use of logical names could cause poor performance.
      • Disable un-used Worker Managers during execution if no scenarios assigned (using logical names)
      • Console: Order scenario tree in summary view as designed
      • Console: Allow loading PLC file with missing custom tasks
      • Console: Debugger should ignore log level
      • Console: NullPointerException in Worker pane
    • PureLoad 4.2 – Change Log

      PureLoad 4.2 includes new features as well as minor improvements and bug fixes.

      New Features


      • New distribution policy to make sure specified number of scenarios per second is never exceeded
      • Controlled by Tool Properties setting
      • Possible to assign “Weight” for “none” Distribution

      Summary and report

      • Summary view now includes overall statistics
      • HTML Report also includes statistics and improved in general
      • More report options (report wizard) to control generated report

      Asynchronous HTTP Tasks

      • New tasks package to support simulations of Asynchronous HTTP requests (such as HTTP “long poll”)
      • Separate tasks for sending requests and receiving response
      • One common HTTP client shared by each worker allowing massive tests even using few threads

      Execution Quality

      • Improved overview of how well PureLoad executes a load test: Thread Usage Over Time shown in a time slot graph.
      • Graph can show total overview as well as per worker and per thread

      Minor Improvements

      • Allow for Stop (finish execution of current scenarios) or Abort (stop execution asap).
      • New dialog to change distribution parameters for multiple scenarios
      • Browser settings removed; now using system default on all platforms

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: Changing Linear Ramp-up distribution causes GUI to hang
      • Console: Failed tasks view sometimes shows invalid failed graph and statistics
      • Console: Problems importing an PLC file without Task Types saved
      • Console: Monitor result graph, sometimes show “weird” result graphs
      • Console: Tool properties not always saved
      • Console: Parameter generators (Datasources) should be sorted
      • Console: Worker Managers and Workers should be sorted by name in the Workers view
      • Console: Show actual amount of native (licensed) threads
      • Workers: Variable iterations inside conditional
    • PureLoad 4.1.3 – Change Log

      Minor Enhancements

      • Distribution: New “ramp-up” linear distribution
      • Console: Display Thread Usage i Worker Pane
      • Console: Add date as well as time in time slot result information (table)
      • Sequence/Task iterations: Number of iterations doesn’t support variables
      • Console: Add workers dialog now allows specifying logical name and thread settings

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: HttpPostFileTask might freeze console when running in debug mode
      • Console: Removing worker threads (Edit->Remove Threads…) is slow
      • Conditional sequences: Execute always makes sub-sequences to execute, even if conditions specified
      • Http Tasks: Counting bytes might cause errors
      • HTTP Tasks: Timing bug in BandwidthLimitInputStream (“timeout value is negative”)
      • HttpInitTask: proxy information not cleared
      • Worker: ConcurrentModificationException in worker log
      • Worker/Manager: Memory usage high (even if not reporting results per thread)
      • Worker: RMI timeouts when workers running with high load
      • Workers: No response (“dead”) when running out o memory. Not possible to get worker log or failed tasks.
      • IP Pool Tasks: Extra thread created when executing
      • TimeTask, EchoTask and FTP tasks: Can’t set local IP address or remote port
      • SleepTask: not reporting correct times in multi treading mode
      • Workers: memory monitoring improvements
      • Conditional Sequences: performance and memory usage improvements
    • PureLoad 4.1.1 – Change Log

      Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancements

      • Console: Copy/Paste scenario sometimes takes very long time (heap memory complaints)
      • HTTP Recorder: clear UI state in recorder window if failed to start proxy server
      • Console: ask if PLC file to be saved before disconnecting
      • Console: Log and Debug views includes only ‘time’ not ‘date’ for each entry
      • Console: When adding worker threads the window focus should change to the “pop-up” window.
      • HTTP Recorder: add option to disable default naming of task as “image” and/or “application”
      • Console: Not possible to remove worker threads (if thread information not reported)
      • Console: Generate report; new directory not automatically created
      • Console: if quitting and save to file is cancelled, console still exits
      • GetHTMLPageTask: local host settings (via HttpInitTask) doesn’t work if more than one thread used
      • Failed tasks view: not clear in GUI when/how failed tasks is updated
      • Workers: Messages written to stdout is logged as [Error] in worker log
      • Console: add operation to clear worker log
    • PureLoad 4.0.4 – Change Log

      Bugs fixed

      • Taskspace: performance issues when using File data source
      • HttpTasks: “Expect: 100-continue” handshake is not supported
    • PureLoad 4.0.3 - Change Log

      Bugs fixed

      • Utility tasks doesn't allow control if to report results or not
      • HttpInitTask: does not clear previously defined headers or digest authentication state
      • HTTP Tasks: Content encoding "deflate" not handled correctly.
      • VerifyTask: Unable to use variables or "DATA"
      • SHHDisconnectTask: exception, when used with SSHExecTask
      • Console: Adding 0 worker threads hangs GUI
      • Http Tasks: Digest authentication doesn't use domain parameter
    • PureLoad 4.0.2 – Change Log

      This release solves one bug related to monitoring of Windows.

      Bugs fixed

      • Monitoring: Only one performance counter can be used per collector (Windows)
    • PureLoad 4.0.1 – Change Log


      • Added possibilty to “step over” (skip execution) of tasks in debug mode of the scenario editor
      • Monitoring of basic resources (CPU, Memory etc.) supported on Windows in addition to UNIX/Linux
      • Indicate type (task or sequence) in result table (HTML report)
      • Parameter generator Unique: now uses GUID/UUID formatted values

      Bugs fixed

      • Naming: can’t start on other than loop-back interface when running stand-a-lone
      • Console: Java version displayed in “About” dialog is not correct
      • Console: number of added threads not updated properly
      • Console: Tool property “Report Worker Thread Information” should default to true
      • Console: Enable/disable collector nodes collapses tree
      • Documentation: Task Programmer’s Guide refers to setResultData, but should be setStringData
      • Manager: when rebound to new naming server “naming.port” property not updated
      • Parameter generator Unique: using get operation should retrieve current value
    • PureLoad 4.0 – Change Log

      PureLoad 4.0 includes new features as well as minor improvements and bug fixes.

      New Features

      Server Monitoring

      This is the first PureLoad release with support for server monitoring. The monitoring support is based on an agent-less solution using secure shell (SSH) targeting UNIX systems.

      Features include:

      • Standard resources to monitor CPU, Memory etc. on UNIX servers
      • Scriptable resources, using scripting and standard OS commands
      • Monitoring results reported using table format or line graphs

      Memory Management

      • Reported information compacted, when running test for a long time. I.e console will not run out of memory for longer tests (many hours or days)
      • Huge improvements in memory usage for large scenarios, both in console and on the worker side

      Failed Tasks

      • View over failed tasks improved (now includes both table view and graphical chart)
      • Failed information can now be exported, both separately and using “Export All” wizard
      • Failed information now included in comparer data

      Comparer Tool

      • Support to show exported failed information
      • Includes support for exported monitor results
      • Improved memory usage, when loading large result sets


      • All tasks can be controlled to not report any results
      • HtmlXPathExtractTask: new task to support extract using XPath for HTML results
      • New task: VerifyTask that supports more advanced conditions
      • New Tasks: IPPool Tasks that allow using pools of IP addresses

      Minor Improvements

      • Result trees preserves state during updates
      • When using persistent data, less disk space is used. A lot less disk space required if “show thread information” is deselected
      • Custom tasks in extensions directory always loaded by default
      • All graphical views now use the same start time
      • Improved support for Mac Look and Feel on Mac OS X
      • Counter Data Source, now supports formatted output
      • View distribution for multiple scenarios
      • Made it easier to add sequences, using the Task chooser dialog
      • Time stamps added to debug window messages
      • Console: Calculation of tasks/sec and transaktion/sek in time slot info. now based on poll intervall
      • Manager: Manager displays message each time naming can’t be contacted
      • Console: Add confirmation indicating that “Report worker threads” enabled when starting execution
      • New SSH tasks to support SCP and exec

      Bugs fixed

      • Console: fixed issue where GUI locked (for a long time) when communcation with worker manager failed
      • Console: Exceptions when selecting “Time slot graph” and no data (yet) available
      • Console: Progress bar shows 0% (after a while) during a long test execution (more than 24 hours)
      • Console: large failed task result information truncated
      • Console: Copy-paste bug, when sequences of tasks, including task nodes, selected
      • Http Tasks: Pre-emptive digest auth. doesn’t work
      • Naming Server: setting “” to handle server behind NAT doesn’t always work
      • Persistent storage: we need to be able to control where persistent files are saved
      • Worker Manager: error adding worker, when execution already running (if persistence used)
      • Console: File Export menu items only enabled in Results view
      • Console: “Open Recent” File menu item disabled, even if execution stopped
      • Console: Worker tree in result summary view not always updated
      • Console: Tool properties not always applied
      • Recorder: HTTP Recorder does not record User Agent
      • XmlXPathExtractTask: Returned value for list of nodes inpossible to parse
      • Console: Strange Sort order when exporting to excel
      • MailSendTask: Attachments using paths to a file doesn’t work
      • Console: error when exporting more than 255 columns to Excel
      • Console: Export-comparer data should be default in export wizard
    • PureLoad 3.5.3 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.5.3 is a maintenance release that solves the following issues:

      Bugs fixed

      • XmlXPathExtractTask: can only handle return types of Nodes (not integer or string)
      • HTTP Recorder crashes with empty multipart name
      • HttpTasks: Can’t use Content-encoding to post compressed content
      • Unable to start server processes when OS naming not configured correctly
    • PureLoad 3.5.2 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.5.2 is a maintenance release that solves the following issues:

      Bugs fixed

      • HttpGetTask: not URL encoding anymore
      • XmlXPathExtractTask: fixed XPathExpression parameter to work as in 3.4
    • PureLoad 3.5.1 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.5.1 is a maintenance release that solves the following issues:

      Bugs fixed

      • SSH task not working
      • HTTP Recorder doesn’t handle HTTPS/SSL
    • PureLoad 3.5 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.5 includes new features as well as bug fixes. In addition this is the first version that requires Java version 1.5.

      New Features

      • New (optional) thread model to allow for more Worker threads
      • HTTP performance and resource usage improvements
      • Redesigned GUI to report failed tasks, show statistics over failures, only fetch specific failure reports, improved performance etc.
      • Console: support drag-and-drop to reorganize tasks
      • Console: More than one metrics in graphs (2 y-axes) when viewing time slot information
      • Simulation of limited bandwidth in HTTP tasks
      • New tasks to support SSH
      • New task: GetHtmlPageTask to parse an fetch all references in a page

      Minor Enhancements

      • Console: various minor GUI enhancements
      • Tasks: “Iterations” now a true task parameter
      • Worker: Improved reporting of metrics (performance improvement)
      • Console: Display info about Java VM used in “About” window
      • Worker: Discard stack traces for failed tasks (performance optimization)
      • Console: Question asked to save PLC file when switching plc files
      • Added configuration to control server ports used (when using a firewall)
      • Mail Task: new task to delete an e-mail, using IMAP/POP3
      • Web Crawler: Added support for “?key=value” URL
      • HttpInitTask: improve Task parameter GUI
      • Console: improved feedback when starting execution of a large scenario
      • Console: Changed File menu to have an “Open Recent” sub menu
      • Calendar Parameter Generator: added end date
      • HTTP Tasks: add possibility to simulate limited bandwidth
      • CheckValueTask: Added functionality to verify content from previous task

      Bugs fixed

      The following is a (non-complete) list of bugs fixed:

      • Console: Copy/Paste scenarios not intuitive
      • Scenario Debug: verification of non-used parameter generators
      • Recording upload of large binary files makes PureLoad hang
      • Console: Can’t edit or debug a scenario without valid connection to Naming
      • HttpExtractTask: Use of variables in Regular Expressions crashes
      • Debugger does not skip sub-sequences
      • Can’t mix variables and parameter generator values
      • Console: Re-creating workers takes long time
      • Failed tasks: remove stack trace
      • Console: Unsetting auto-update can’t be restored
      • Console: improve error message if running out of memory in taskspace
      • HTTP Tasks: counting bytes trasferred not working if ‘Save Content Types’ isn’t defined
      • XmlXPathExtractTask: does not handle namespaces
      • HTTP Recorder: problems reading content from server when “chunked transfer encoding” used.
      • Naming: only allow one taskspace server to be registered
      • Console: Can’t save current PLC file is disconnected from naming server
      • Console: Failed tasks result tab not enabled until scenario completed
      • Console: execution time invalid, if worker machine dates not synchronized
      • Console: Save dialog sometimes use wrong title (“Open”)
      • Console: if connection problems in naming, updating list of workers might be slow (or hang)
    • PureLoad 3.4.4 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.4.4 is a maintenance release that solves the following issue:

      Bug fixed

      • [PURELOAD-22] – Unique Data Source: not working as intended
    • PureLoad 3.4.3 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.4.3 is a maintenance release that solves the following issue:

      Bug fixed

      • [PURELOAD-18] – Persistent results not working
    • PureLoad 3.4.2 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.4.2 is a maintenance release that solves the following issues:

      Bugs fixed

      • 1493 HTTP tasks: no way to forceusage of HTTP 1.0
      • 1495 Not possible to change task parameter order
      • 1496 Conditional execution can not use parameter generators
    • PureLoad 3.4.1 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.4 includes new features as well as bug fixes.

      Modifications and New Features

      • New installer/launcherNew installer and launchers for all platforms. This means easier to install on servers with no windows system, better support for new platforms (such as Windows 2003 Server and modern Linux). Default Java VM is now Java 1.5.
      • Memory and Performance OptimizationsVarious internal optimizations to mimimize memory usage and increase performance. Including a new tool property to control if results to be reported on worker thread leve or not.
      • Stop On Error and Conditional Processing of SequencesYou can now control if execution should stop on errors as well as specify an expression on a task sequence to control if a sequence should be executed or not.
      • New tasks: RuntimeSettingsTask and DescriptionTaskThe new RuntimeSettingsTask may be used to control various runtime settings, including a flag “Stop On Error” to control if execution should be stopped when a task fails. DescriptionTask is a simple task to allow adding description/documentation to a scenario.
      • Export WizardNew export wizard to allow export of summary and timeslot results, as well as comparer data. Summary and timeslot information are exported in CSV or Excel format.
      • No need to modify classpath when custom tasks installedThere is no longer any need to modify classpath as long as custom classes (and extra jar-files) are installed in the extensions directory.
      • Console GUI UpdatesSeveral minor fixes in the graphical user interface of the Console, including changes how line graphs can be displayed.

      Bugs fixed

      The following is a (non-complete) list of bugs and minor enhancements fixed:

      • 1144 Line graphs doesn’t zoom that well
      • 1465 HTTP tasks: Compression Requests using gzip not supported
      • 1466 HTTP Tasks: Can’t specify what SSL protocol to be used (SSLv2, SSLv3 or TLSv1)
      • 1467 HTTP Tasks: No way to specify what SSL Cipher suites to be used
      • 1468 Console: Custom Tasks types no in alphabetical order
      • 1469 HTTP Tasks: NullPointerException when server doesn’t respond
      • 1470 Console: Show information about used taskspace server in GUI
      • 1471 Console hang when naming server not responding
      • 1472 Console: Summary results expanded during updates
      • 1474 Console: Delete parameter generator – if values not applied, causes exceptions and hangs GUI
      • 1475 Counter parameter generator: max value to low
      • 1478 XmlPathExtractTask: doesn’t handle namespaces (or external DTDs) correctly
      • 1479 DescriptionTask: new task to provide documentation
      • 1481 Cosole: Debugger stops in nested sequences
      • 1482 Cosole: Integer Task parameter field width to short (when using parameter generators)
      • 1483 Console: Exceptions on Windows when copy/paste
      • 1485 Console: Scenario tree root always expanded when scenarios pasted
      • 1486 Console: GUI slow when using many worker threads
      • 1487 Console: Array Index Out Of Bounds Exception when stopping workers
      • 1488 Console: hard to change graph properties
    • PureLoad 3.3.1 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.3.1 is a maintenance release that solves the following issues:

      Bugs fixed

      • 1464 Leading spaces in task parameters removed when file saved
    • PureLoad 3.3 – Change Log

      PureLoad 3.3 includes new features as well as bug fixes.

      Modifications and New Features

      • HTTP POST of binary data supported
        • New Task: HttpPostBinaryContentTask
          Supports post of binary data.
        • HTTP Recorder now handles recording of binary data using HttpPostBinaryContentTask
      • HTTP methods PUT and DELETE now supported
        • New Tasks: HttpPutTask and HttpDeleteTask
      • HTTPS/SSL support now supports using SSL client certificates.
        • New Task: HttpSSLClientCertificateTask
      • LDAP support improved
        • Improved interface to all LDAP tasks
        • New LDAP task to modify information to LDAP server: LdapAddTask, LdapModifyTask and LdapDeleteTask
      • New Data source “Unique” added that may be used to generate unique values over time.

      Bugs fixed

      • 1395 Binary POST not supported in HTTP Recorder
      • 1450 Integer parameters, using variables, not restored correctly from PLC file
      • 1452 Cannot add a blank parameter file
      • 1453 Missing a current time and current date generator
      • 1454 Add support for HTTP PUT and HTTP DELETE
      • 1455 Out of memory errors when creating worker threads not handled correctly
      • 1456 HttpGetPageTask: does not retrieve style sheets and javascript files
      • 1457 HttpGetPageTask: can’t verify retrieved content
      • 1458 GUI: Number of iteration not applied correctly when a new node selected in task tree
      • 1459 Console: elapsed time not updated when no results produced
      • 1461 Console: Time of execution missing in task results
      • 1462 Console: Task summary column positions changes during updates
      • 1463 Console: GUI locked when worker died unexpectedly