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Meet Emblasoft at MVNOs World Congress

Take control of VoLTE and roaming

6 - 7 June, Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

Are you attending MVNOs World Congress this year? If so – join us! We’ll be showcasing our  “VoLTE-in-a-Box” solution – optimised for MVNOs, MVNEs and private network operators.

You might think VoLTE isn’t for you – but with many MNOs switching off their 3G networks, your own services could be disrupted. You need to take control and manage your own services, including VoLTE and roaming.

Odin is a cost-effective IMS system, with full support for VoLTE, including roaming according to GSMA S8 Home Routing.

Backed by a pay-as-you-grow model, Odin gives you what you need – and you can get to market fast, with integration to the MNO network in just a few weeks.

So, if you’re wondering what 3G sunset means for your voice and roaming services, the answer’s clear: Odin IMS and VoLTE in a Box!

Meet our team at MVNOs World Congress to find out more.