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Briefing paper:

Ensuring IMS performance in a virtualised environment

Comprehensive multi-protocol monitoring, performance test and validation for assurance of virtualised IMS systems.

Transition to Virtual IMS with Evolver

Operators migrating to a new or virtualised IMS system or offering virtualised 5G-based VoIP or VoWiFi must deploy active monitors within the IMS to ensure service delivery and experience, and to meet their own SLAs. It's essential that operators have the ability to test and validate multiple traffic scenarios in the production environment.

Learn how Evolver simplifies performance analysis by simulating traffic from the Radio Access Networks or nodes within the Mobile Core/IMS. With Emblasoft, CSPs and network equipment manufacturers can:

  • Simplify and automate performance analysis of new services, as part of active monitoring and continuous assurance processes.
  • Confirm compatibility between equipment from different vendors in production environments.
  • Ensure consistent quality across different traffic loads and scenarios.