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Briefing paper:

Ensuring the success of A2P messaging services

A2P messaging is a key business communication channel – the ecosystem depends on smooth service delivery, all the time

Evolver – a complete platform for A2P SMS message assurance and validation

A2P messaging via SMS is a key tool used by businesses to communicate with their customers. It involves a lengthy and sometimes complex value chain, with multiple stakeholders involved in the delivery process. Validating A2P messaging service performance is essential for their success – and for MNOs to meet SLAs with their business customers.

Read our briefing paper to learn how Evolver assures every step.

Emblasoft's Evolver enables MNOs to:

  • Test, assure and continually validate A2P SMS services
  • Measure service quality, delivery time, content integrity, deliverability and more
  • Isolate a uniquely broad range of nodes and test end-to-end
  • Collect metrics and reports via APIs
  • Validate and enhance protection mechanisms to avoid spam
  • Automate tests in pre-production and live networks
  • Use active monitoring to verify message delivery performance