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Briefing paper:

Validating Push-to-Talk (PTT) for MCx applications, such as ‘5G Rail’

How can operators of mission-critical communications networks assure the performance of Push-to-Talk as we migrate to 5G networks? Download our briefing paper to find out.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) is one of the most secure, reliable communication features available. Its clarity, reliability, and security in mission-critical (MCx) communications have made it the de facto method of communication for public safety, ‘blue light’, rail, aviation, maritime, and other sectors.

For all public safety and emergency organisations, PTT simply must work. It must work under the most demanding conditions and with absolute reliability.

For operators, this means that testing and validating PTT – and actively monitoring on a continuous basis – is also critical.

In this briefing paper we will discuss:

  • The evolution of Push-to-Talk and challenge facing operators
  • Digital transformation of the rail sector with FRMCS
  • The features of a full-lifecycle testing solution
  • Emblasoft’s comprehensive, end-to-end test and validation approach to assuring PTT communications

Learn more by downloading our briefing paper today.