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Case study:

Radtonics: Automated performance testing of LTE and 5G core

Radtonics deploys Emblasoft Evolver to test its LTE and 5G mobile core

Radtonics, a provider of private wireless networks, needed to perform automated Performance and Availability test cases on its LTE and 5G mobile core, and so turned to Emblasoft for help.

As a trusted provider of private wireless networks, Radtonics promises its customers “operational continuity and guaranteed service capacity”, with guaranteed capacity at required locations as and when it’s needed, as well as scalability for future needs. Radtonics turned to Emblasoft to ensure that its architecture, with its mobile core, can deliver on these promises.

Emblasoft delivers:

  • Automated testing and monitoring for control and user plane applications
  • A fully virtualised solution
  • Server emulation for end-to-end feature testing
  • Testing that ensures absolute scalability and performance