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Case study:

Ensuring emergency call handling meets required standards

How Emblasoft Evolver helped a multinational operator comply with emergency services call handling standards

The ability to handle calls to the emergency services is mandatory for licensed operators. Ensuring that this process works every time is essential – across all networks and for any kind of call made on the PSTN or PLMN.

With changing technologies, and the introduction of new architectures it's essential that operators can deliver these mandatory services and ensure that they are future-proofed for any new architectures or standards.

That's why a leading European operator, with a full national network, called in Emblasoft to provide the testing, validation, and assurance it needed to validate its obligatory emergency call management services.

With Emblasoft Evolver, operators can easily automate the assurance and validation of their emergency call handling services.

Download this case study to find out more.