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Case study:

How do you protect your SS7 roaming connections to meet GSMA FS.11 guidelines?

Vulnerability testing and protection for SS7, Diameter and other protocols with Emblasoft Active Monitoring

Active monitoring and testing enable operators and vendors to perform SS7 vulnerability testing – validating the performance of firewalls and checking that monitoring procedures can identify bogus or rogue messages.

Emblasoft's Active Monitoring tools can identify any security weaknesses in existing and new SS7, Diameter or other protocol attacks on a continuous basis, enabling operators and vendors to meet FS.11 guidelines.

With Emblasoft's Active Monitoring tools, you can:

  • Simulate traffic to test against firewalls or any SS7 defences
  • Monitor nodes continuously to validate performance
  • Ensure the security of all roaming interconnections
  • Maintain compliance with GSMA FS.11 guidelines