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Case study:

Mission critical slices in 5G standalone networks

How active monitoring helped Telenor to assure QoS delivery

Assuring mission critical slices and applications to enable MNOs to monetise new 5G SA-based services

The delivery of new, differentiated services is critical to the success of 5G SA investments. Much is expected – but MNOs must be able to assure these services and guarantee that they can deliver the performance expected by valuable customers and partners.

Read our case study to learn how Telenor used Emblasoft’s active monitoring solution to validate mission critical service performance, in different slices in a fully automated, multi-vendor 5G core.

With Emblasoft, MNOs can:

  • Ensure that QoS requirements are met, in different slices
  • Isolate and detect any variation of QoS
  • Automate alarms for triggering for dynamic assurance actions