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Case study:

Verification of UPF nodes in 5G standalone networks

How to verify UPF functions, model large volumes of traffic, and test performance in DevOps environments

The UPF plays a key role in the 5G network to realise the promises of low latency and high throughput.

To be sure it delivers and meets performance demands for all services, effective, continuous testing is required – in an automated environment.

Download our new case study to learn how Emblasoft can support vendors like Kaloom, a provider of fully programmable and automated cloud-native networking software solutions, to validate 5G standalone network functions with a feature-rich and highly versatile test solution. Learn how to:

  • Simulate UE traffic from gNodeB and traffic for 5G SBA nodes and functions.
  • Support DevOps processes with a feature-rich and highly versatile test solution.
  • Increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational faults, and ensure a clear scalability strategy after deployment.