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  • Pureload – supported protocols

    PureLoad is designed specifically for application server testing and supports a large number of application protocols.

    As well as in-built support for existing protocols, support for new or different interfaces can be added quickly and easily. Different protocol operations can be mixed together in test cases enabling realistic simulation of user behaviour.

    • Application server protocols
    • Integration and Support Servers
    • Radius/Diameter, RTP/RTSP/RTMP Streaming, HTTP Streaming, and SIP/MSRP extensions (as additional packages)
    • Pure GTP integration, Pure HSS Simulator and Pure PCRF Simulator (as additional packages)
    • Any other protocol (through Public Task API)
    Protocol PureLoad Free PureLoad Developer PureLoad Enterprise
    IPv4 and IPv6
    HTTP/ 1.1
    HTTP/ 2
    IPv4 and IPv6
    Asynchronous HTTP
    Web Sockets
    File Transfer Program (FTP)
    Network Utility (echo, Ping, DNS etc.)
    Directory Server (LDAP)
    Database (JDBC)
    Mail (IMAP, POP3, SMTP)
    SMPP* As Licensed
    Generic Bootstrapping Architecture Ua/ Ub* As Licensed
    Radius* As Licensed
    Diameter (Rf, Rxm Gx, Gy, Zh, Zx, SWx, SWm, S6a/ S6d, S6b, Sh, Sd)* As Licensed
    RTP/ RTSP/ RTMP Streaming* As Licensed
    SIP* As Licensed
    MSRP* As Licensed
    Integration and Support Servers PureLoad Free PureLoad Developer PureLoad Enterprise
    Pre GTP As Licensed As Licensed
    SIP* As Licensed As Licensed
    MSRP* As Licensed As Licensed

    * The Enterprise Developers Edition license also supports Radius/Diameter, RTP/RTSP/RTMP Streaming, HTTP Streaming, and SIP/MSRP extensions, which are available as additional packages

    Pure GTP integration and Pure HSS Simulator and Pure PCRF Simulator are also available for PureTest Pro, PureLoad Enterprise and PureLoad Enterprise Developers Edition.

    Public Task API

    We have years of experience of adding support for released and preliminary protocol specifications. The Public Task API allows developers to provide support for additional protocols not already supported.

    It can be used to implement utility operations, tasks, or anything else required to meet specific protocol requirements. As all tasks use the same API and framework, it also allows new tasks to be mixed with existing tasks to implement different protocols and create test cases that mirror real clients.

  • Solver supported codecs

    Solver offers powerful, multi-protocol functionality and helps ensure smooth deployment and troubleshooting.

    By simulating traffic from the Radio Access Network (RAN) it helps CSPs and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to simplify performance and quality analysis, assert full control over their networks,
    manage upgrade projects and confirm compatibility between different nodes.

    Supported Codecs

    • G711A/U (NB)

      • 10/20/30 ms packetisation
      • Support for Comfort Noise RFC3389
    • PCMA/U (NB)

    • GSM- HR (NB)

    • GSM- FR (NB)

    • GSM- EFR (NB)


      • Supports incoming rate control/mode change
      • Can change mode and request rate control on outgoing

      • All rates
      • Supports incoming rate control/mode change
    • AMR (NB), AMR-WB (WB)

      • All rates
      • Both bandwidth-efficient and octet-aligned format
      • 20, 40, 60, 80 ms packetisation
      • Redundant packetisation
    • G723.1 (NB)

      • Support both rates 5.3 and 6.3
      • Annex A (“DTX”) support
    • Video codec

      • H.264
    • G729A (NB)

      • 10/20 packetisation
      • Annex B (“DTX”) support
    • iLBC (NB)

      • Mode 20/30
      • Support for Comfort Noise RFC3389
    • G722 (WB)

    • EVRC-NW (NB/WB)

      • All modes (0-7) and rates (1/1 – 1/8)
      • Format Header Free, Compact Bundle and
      • Interleaved/Bundled supported
      • 1-5 bundled packets outcoming, 1-n incoming
      • Interleave value 5 for outgoing, any value for incoming
    • OPUS (NB, WB)

      • CBR support
    • EVS (NB, WB, SWB, FB)

      • Both formats Primary and AMRWBIO supported
      • All rates
      • Support for Compact Header only
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