Network Trace Tasks

Version 1.1

This document describes the Network Trace Tasks, provided as custom tasks that must be installed with PureLoad/PureTest on each machine using these tasks.

The Network trace tasks is used to control tcpdump, capture packages and save to file.

Before you use the tasks, read more about installing and how to load and use custom tasks.

Provided Tasks


Starts a network trace in the background which will capture packets using tcpdump and save them to file.


Path to tcpdump Path to tcpdump – leave blank for default (/usr/sbin/tcpdump)
Network Interface Network interface to trace, e.g. eth0, eth1 or lo.
Trace File Name of file where network trace should be saved.
Auto Re-name Automatically re-name if file already exists.
Package Length Number of bytes from each captured network packet to save. Use 0 for unlimited.
Expression Match expression to pass to tcpdump. See tcpdump for syntax.


Network Trace Stop Task. Stops an ongoing network trace. If ‘Delete File’ is selected, the network trace file will be deleted when this task is executed. This is convenient when a scenario is executed with ‘Stop On Error’ so that only network trace files of failed scenarios will be saved.


Delete File Flag indicating if captured network trace file should be deleted or not.
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