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White paper:

The importance of Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) in the 5G era

Simplify, accelerate and automate new code changes to apps, and their on-going deployment in the network

5G, with its cloud-native core, is transforming the communications landscape with a completely new architecture that will unlock new use cases, and bring new stakeholders to the market.

To support this, operators are embracing DevOps, which brings new CI/CD practices to shorten product release cycles and accelerate innovation. Alongside this, CT has become an essential discipline. What does this mean for 5G innovation? What new test requirements do you need to succeed with cloud-native deployments and to realise the value of continuous innovation?

Download our white paper to find out:

  • Why CI/CD enables organisations to reliably improve and release software on a continuous basis, reducing costs, time and risk.
  • How Continuous Testing is essential to support automated DevOps.
  • How Emblasoft's powerful solutions for automated testing and DevOps support 5G innovation.