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White paper:

What does the dynamic, service-based 5G architecture mean for DevOps and Continuous Testing?

How to test and optimise 5G service performance continuously – with flexibility and agility

5G is transforming the communications landscape, enabling new high-speed, high-bandwidth, low latency applications and use cases.

The adoption of DevOps approaches is critical to unlocking the agility and continuous innovation required for the success of 5G. To support this transition, new test practices are required that are designed for the continuous, automated testing and validation of 5G services.

Our new paper explores this landscape and explains why testing methods and practices need to change to support this new agile environment:

  • Explore DevOps in the context of 5G CUPS
  • Understand the role of Continuous Testing in unlocking automation
  • Learn how test automation accelerates service delivery
  • Discover how CI/CD/CT is essential for the success of MEC deployments