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Use case:

Automated performance testing for 5G SBA / SBI

Identify and isolate quality and performance issues for the 5G Service-Based Architecture (SBA). Accurately test control plane functions and Service Based Interfaces (SBIs) in the SBA


The 5G SBA brings new levels of dynamic flexibility and performance – and complexity. To support this evolution, you need a solution that enables accurate testing of control plane functions and SBIs in the SBA, with compliance to all standard and specified interfaces

Evolver provides a complete, flexible platform with rich reporting and automation functions to support CI/CD/CT practices, in multi-vendor networks. It offers HTTP/2 capabilities to enable the testing of different VNFs in the SBA, both in isolation and in combination. It supports 5G and 4G interfaces, such as Diameter, for validating hybrid and legacy networks.

5G SBA / SBI Testing

Automated testing and monitoring for the 5G SBA

A flexible solution for continuous test and integration programmes in the 5G SBA

Choosing the right testing platform is essential for your evolution towards 5G delivery models, and your ability to meet the high-performance demands of the 5G SBA. Evolver provides a complete, flexible solution, with rich reporting and automation functions to support continuous test and integration programmes.

Evolver is an agile test solution that helps operators and vendors to support continual evolution, and to identify and isolate quality and performance issues in the 5G SBA. It can be used in test and live environments for the proactive monitoring of service chains, and supports continuous delivery processes to ensure validation of new releases and updates, as well as live services.

Simulate HTTP/2 traffic for VNF testing

Evolver offers HTTP/2 capabilities for testing VNFs in the SBA, both in isolation and in combination to validate service chains

Full test automation for agile delivery

Evolver can be fully automated and integrated with your live or test environment, enabling alignment with agile delivery processes

Build custom state machines for SBA interface testing

Validate end-to-end performance of different SBA interfaces by emulating ‘real-world’ traffic

Automate KPI measurement and reporting

Automated reporting (pass, fail, warning) on KPI measures. Test any SBA VNF (PCF, UDM, AUSF, and more)

Case study: How do you test 5G SA control-plane signalling for roaming?

Testing SA 5G SBA control-plane signalling for roaming without a 5G Core