Use case:

5G SEPP Roaming

Validating control plane protection for inter-PLM security with CUPs and for SEPP-enabled 5G roaming

5G SEPP Roaming

The Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) is a key enabler for secure 5G roaming, protecting for inter-operator control plane signalling. Ensuring effective performance is essential

Full inter-operator roaming between 5G Standalone requires border protection for control plane signalling. The SEPP fulfils this role, performing filtering and authorisation checks on SBA traffic entering and leaving the network, providing access control for roaming traffic.

5G SEPP Roaming

Complete lifecycle testing and assurance for the SEPP with Evolver

Flexible, agile service validation and active monitoring

Evolver enables complete lifecycle testing and assurance for the SEPP function across N8, N12 and N27 interfaces. It enables service and performance validation in pre-production environments and in-service, active monitoring for continuous assurance. Emulate the complete 5G core, or individual nodes to evaluate specific interfaces – or perform wrap-around tests for end-to-end modelling.

Ensure the success of new full-5G roaming services with comprehensive assurance and agile automated testing as you build out new roaming agreements or interconnect with hubs. Follow dedicated test programmes or create specific roaming scenarios with flexible editing functions, ensuring that SEPP performance matches your requirements.

Simulate all NFs and individual UEs

Cases covering each node connected to the vSEPP and hSEPP, as well as live subscriber scenarios

Validate mobility scenarios at load

Automated test and active monitoring between AMF functions, end-to-end, to deliver quality roaming services

Model and assure any roaming scenario

Evolver enables user and IoT traffic control to be modelled, supporting any new commercial roaming functions

Comply with GSMA / 3GPP definitions

GSMA NG113 and 3GPP TS 29.573 / 33.501 testing and assurance for 5G security architecture and procedures

Evolver Product Overview

Functional testing, performance testing and active monitoring for mobile networks

A single comprehensive platform

Multiple solutions with centralised control

Evolver provides the flexibility to assure network deployments, updates and live services. Cloud-native and with full automation capabilities, rich reporting and an easy-to-use interface, it ensures the delivery of differentiated services for any network.

Functional testing for service validation

Functional testing can be performed to validate features and updates, and to support CI/CD schedules.

Flexibility allows any scenario to be modelled for proving service capabilities in multi-vendor networks.

Performance testing to demonstrate load and scale

Ensure services can scale in cloud environments and with load from real user agents, modelling real performance.

Evolver scales to emulate service growth, under network conditions, with dynamic capabilities for any scenario.

Active monitoring for QoS-driven, differentiated services

Distributed, active monitoring agents generate real traffic and KPIs, for continuous validation and assurance.

Assure differentiated and specific scenarios for key customers and services, with real-time awareness of service issues.