Use case:

5G Network Slicing

5G network slices need to be assured - individually and at every stage of their lifecycle to ensure successful monetisation

5G Network Slicing

5G network slicing brings new, differentiated services for operators and their B2B customers. Real-time active monitoring is essential to ensure SLA delivery and performance

Slicing demands flexible service orchestration and control to deliver optimised performance for mission critical and low latency services. Passive monitoring on its own cannot provide the requisite real-time assurance. Objective QoS measurements are required, in live networks, alongside the devices deployed by service users.

5G Slicing Test and Active Monitoring

Flexible testing and active monitoring for 5G slices

Flexible, agile service validation and active monitoring

Evolver enables functional and performance testing of slices before deployment, as well as active monitoring for in-service applications. It enables individual UEs to be emulated via active agents deployed in any slice. Different traffic scenarios can be modelled, with control of QFI parameters and SDP filters – capturing objective KPIs for QoS-differentiated services.

Traffic scenarios can be run dynamically, with pre-configured scenarios. Centralised control enables hundreds of sessions to be deployed in parallel, while flexible tools enable new scenarios to be created quickly and easily. Test results and KPIs are provided by API or reports to external tools.

Assure and measure QoS and SLAs

Monitor QoS with live UE traffic during throughout the service lifecycle, assuring performance

Isolate and detect QoS variations

Instantly detect and capture performance deviations to maintain consistency

Automate alarms and integrate orchestration platforms

Integrate with orchestration and automation frameworks for triggering actions and service modifications

Understand the impact on all services across slices

Running active agents in parallel, across deployed slices enables seamless assurance of all services

Case study: Mission critical slices in 5G standalone networks

How active monitoring helped Telenor to assure QoS delivery

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A single comprehensive platform

Multiple solutions with centralised control

Evolver provides the flexibility to assure network deployments, updates and live services.
Cloud-native and with full automation capabilities, rich reporting and an easy-to-use interface, it ensures the delivery of differentiated services for any network.

  • Functional testing for network and service evolution

    Why it’s the key to efficient, continuous service delivery and development

    Functional testing can be performed to validate features and updates, and to support CI/CD schedules.

    Flexibility allows any scenario to be modelled for proving service capabilities in multi-vendor networks.

  • Performance Testing to ensure your network services scale

    Ensure quality and experience is maintained under extreme traffic load

    Ensure services can scale in cloud environments and with load from real user agents, modelling real performance.

    Evolver scales to emulate service growth, under network conditions, with dynamic capabilities for any scenario.

  • Active monitoring for QoS-driven, differentiated services

    Why active monitoring is essential for the continuous assurance of differentiated services

    Distributed, active monitoring agents generate real traffic and KPIs, for continuous validation and assurance.

    Assure differentiated and specific scenarios for key customers and services, with real-time awareness of service issues.

  • Service enablement for rapid time to market

    Cost-effectively transition to IMS and VoLTE / VoWiFi from the cloud or your data centre

    Virtualised, cloud-native IMS, VoLTE and VoWiFi service enablement with ODIN - hosted or on-premise.

    Get to market fast, with pay-as-you-grow models and swift deployment cycles. Proven and scalable.