Active monitoring for operators

Next-Gen service assurance and active monitoring for 5G multi-vendor networks


  • Test and validation of RTP and RTCP is imperative as video and VoIP traffic drives global mobile data usage
  • How do you test 5G SA control-plane signalling for roaming without a 5G Core?
  • Full-stack simulation of MSRP-based traffic is imperative for validating MaaP, RCS, RBM and IMS

Service Assurance in cloud-native networks

Actively monitor and measure core network QoS and service KPIs

Service assurance has long been handled using passive probes – but today’s core networks are built on cloud native environments and now require active monitoring to complement or even replace passive monitoring.

That’s because surging data volumes, the demands of dynamic scalability and, with 5G, growing end-to-end encryption, make it difficult to monitor traffic with traditional, passive probes. 5G services also demand a wide range of different QoS settings, particularly for mission-critical applications. It’s essential that MNOs can continuously validate and determine the performance delivered.

With Emblasoft’s active monitoring solution, you can enable thousands of measurements in production environments for verification of QoS, including necessary service KPIs.

  • Measure QoS delivered per service and location
  • Validate SLA performance delivered to UEs in different slices
  • Run different UE service requests through SBA nodes

Generate traffic, capture QoS across all domains

Software-based agents generate user traffic and capture metrics regarding QoS delivered, for multiple applications and services, across all technology domains.

Flexible deployment to suit any environment

The execution platform can be deployed in the virtual architecture and service orchestration can be performed natively, or existing orchestration platform.

Making large scale testing simple

The control centre manages thousands of agents to ensure that active monitoring is provided for all relevant services, at scale.

active monitoring diagram
Highlights include
  • 3GPP-defined APIs from agents to NWDAF
  • 3GPP AI / ML analytics use cases:
    • Load-level computation and prediction for a network slice instance
    • Service experience computation and prediction for an application/UE group
    • Load analytics information and prediction for a specific NF
    • Network load performance computation and future load prediction
    • UE Expected behaviour prediction
    • QoS reporting and predictions
  • Control plane protocols: IuPS, PFCP, NG-AP, S1-AP, Diameter, DNS, HTTP2/JSON (SBA)
  • Data plane protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP2, HTTP Streaming, SIP, SMPP, QUIC)
  • Data plane tunneling by GTP-U (data, VoLTE) or IPsec (VoWi-Fi) with QoS levels (5G) and different bearers (4G)
Integrated with your operational environment
Our solution is designed to be integral to your operational environment and systems. Alerts can be provided in different formats to assurance systems, or directly to 5G nodes (AMF, SMF, NWDAF) enabling appropriate remedial actions to be taken. All reports and processed analytics data are available via API.
Adaptable to multiple use cases

A wide range of use cases can be supported for end-to-end testing (measuring latency and errors in user applications such as RCS and SMS), and for video or IoT applications. The functions of one or more nodes can also be monitored inside the SBA, as well as NWDAF specific use cases (for example, service experience computation for an application and UE group).

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