Functional and load tests
For 5G UPF

5G UPF testing
for multi-vendor networks


  • Comprehensive testing of the 3GPP N2 interface from the 5G gNodeB
  • How do you verify functionality for RCS services for B2B and B2C use cases?
  • Comprehensive testing of N1 interface is essential for validating 5G MM

Functional and load tests for 5G UPF

Effective, automated testing for UPF deployments

The User Plane Function (UPF) is a key element in the 5G SA. Thanks to the adoption of CUPs, the UPF provides distributed resources for the processing of user traffic and routing to external data networks. This enhances efficiency for high-performance 5G applications.

The adoption of distributed UPF solutions is a key step towards supporting Mobile Edge Computing, or Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) in 5G networks. MEC is required for applications that demand the lowest levels of latency.

  • High-performance user applications
  • Ultra-low latency support
  • Processing for edge-cloud services
Move to a more open multi-vendor network, validated by Emblasoft

In addition, this separation also creates an opportunity for operators to break traditional single-vendor solutions and to move to a more open, multi-vendor network. It also means that UPF performance must be carefully validated by both operators and vendors.

Emblasoft’s solutions enable operators and vendors to validate distributed UPF functionality and load by simulating other elements in the 5G SA architecture (e.g. AMF, NRF, etc). It allows testing at full traffic load, as well as isolation testing, providing comprehensive validation in multi-vendor networks.

  • Functional verification of the N4 interface
  • Packet routing and forwarding using the N9 interface
  • Application detection using SDF filtering
  • N4u buffering and end markers for handover scenarios
  • Traffic usage reporting from URR triggers
  • Quality of Service enforcement
  • Determine node latency, scalability, stability and traffic throughput
Functional and load tests for 5G UPF diagram
Fully automated functional testing

Our solutions can be fully automated and are aligned with DevOps release programmes and continuous innovation cycles. This ensures that service iterations can be tested effectively and automatically, supporting agile adoption of the UPF and reflecting dynamic changes to support new use cases.

Distributed UPF testing with UE emulation

They provide emulation of the UE, as well as other network elements, including the 5G RAN, SBA core and data network. This enables a wide range of use cases and scenarios to be run, modelling real traffic, under different conditions, helping operators to deploy and manage multi-vendor networks, with continuous validation of different solutions in parallel.

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