Functional Testing of
JSON and microservices

Functional testing of JSON, REST and Microservices


  • Test and validation of RTP and RTCP is imperative as video and VoIP traffic drives global mobile data usage
  • How do you test 5G SA control-plane signalling for roaming without a 5G Core?
  • Full-stack simulation of MSRP-based traffic is imperative for validating MaaP, RCS, RBM and IMS

Functional testing of JSON, REST and Microservices

Ensuring the scalability and performance of microservices

Functional performance testing is vital in a microservices architecture, as network traffic volumes can impact latency times, and different services can run at different speeds depending on traffic. Not only that, traffic types may have a different impact on each microservice or business function. It’s essential therefore to rigorously test multiple devices and systems, which could be running separate protocols.

Simulate and test a large number of clients, or devices, using different protocols

Emblasoft’s JSON, REST and Microservices functional testing solution provides the ability to simulate and test a large number of clients, or devices, using different protocols in order to ensure scalability and validate required performance under real-world conditions.

Our software-based solution can verify a large set of the functionality available using http, including JSON and REST interfaces, in any microservices architecture.

Emblasoft functional testing of REST, JSON and Microservices enables:

  • The creation of functional test cases for any REST-based web service over http, or as an integration test activity for the application.

  • The simulation and triggering of different device behaviours

  • Functional testing of the terminal-dependent UAProf

Functional testing of REST, JSON and Microservices
Functional testing of REST, JSON and Microservices diagram

Build templates, ensure rigorous testing

Our solution can load-test high numbers of calls to a service or transfer large volumes of data on to the network to ensure rigorous performance testing, which is essential for discovering service degradation between microservice and application builds.

Test cases for functional testing can then be re-used as a template for subsequent performance testing.

Simulate and test different load patterns to mirror large number of simultaneous users and live traffic patterns, and perform realistic load-, stress-, and other characteristics-tests.

Emblasoft can also automate test case execution in a quick and simple way, both at a node level or the system level.

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