Load testing of CDN Edge and streaming video


  • Test and validation of RTP and RTCP is imperative as video and VoIP traffic drives global mobile data usage
  • How do you test 5G SA control-plane signalling for roaming without a 5G Core?
  • Full-stack simulation of MSRP-based traffic is imperative for validating MaaP, RCS, RBM and IMS

Load testing of CDN Edge and streaming video

Testing and ensuring the quality of streaming services

Emblasoft’s test solutions have been designed to simulate real-world CDN Edge Computing and video streaming traffic. They can mimic large numbers of users consuming different types of streaming services on a broad range of mobile devices and networks, including XDSL, FTTH, GPRS, 3G, 4G, as well as Edge and 5G.

Simulate mass traffic situations

Our solutions support testing of network nodes for OTT Live Streaming solutions by simulating mass-traffic situations, such as music concerts or sporting events, from a range of different devices.

They also support testing of other video sources – such as traditional VoD, live streaming or user-generated content.

Simulates end-user behaviour at the application-protocol level and supports:

  • HTTP Progressive Download
  • RTMP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • HTTP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
    (HLS, HSS-MMS, HDS, and MPEG-dash)
  • RTP/RTMP/RTSP Streaming

Load testing of CDN Edge and streaming video
Load testing of CDN Edge and streaming video

Deliver the performance you need

Uniquely, our test solutions can simulate large numbers of simultaneous users across all servers to rigorously test video optimisation, edge routers, cache servers, original servers, and OTT portals. They ensure you can deliver the performance your customers expect.

Our testing solutions have also been used by operators and service providers for years to test traditional IPTV solutions, as they can simulate set-top boxes to test the complete middleware and VoD server architecture.

Flexible load testing

Tests can be implemented using a single protocol, or as test suites incorporating several protocols and technologies.

Our solutions also allow you to choose specific traffic and device mixes (and how the devices access the network), enabling fast and simple testing of mixes of different devices and access-types. By applying different load patterns our solutions can simulate large numbers of simultaneous users to create a realistic model of real-world traffic.

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