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Virtual EPC


  • Comprehensive testing of the 3GPP N2 interface from the 5G gNodeB
  • How do you verify functionality for RCS services for B2B and B2C use cases?
  • Comprehensive testing of N1 interface is essential for validating 5G MM

Testing and validating the virtual EPC

Solver – ensure your virtual EPC performs

The transition to the virtual EPC brings new challenges and complexities to MNOs. Can virtual infrastructure and service solutions cope with the elastic demands of scaling up and down, in real-time and depending on traffic?

Stringent performance and functional testing is required to ensure that subscribers and connected devices receive the same performance as with previous generations, and, as traffic volumes continue to grow, that the complete system can cope with the expected throughput and service demands.

Solver provides a complete solution test and validation solution for the virtual EPC, allowing MNOs ensure performance delivery and optimisation, for launch, in-service operation, and for iterative releases and updates following agile, DevOps processes.

Highlights include:
  • S1 lite and SGi interfaces
  • S1-MME interface with control plane traffic
  • S1-U interface with data plan traffic
  • eNodeB, user and UE behaviour
  • Stateless / stateful modelling
  • Streaming traffic or packets per second / size
  • Emulation with real user identities, ensuring accurate modelling


Validating the virtual EPC
Validating the virtual EPC


Supporting the vEPC transition

Solver enables testing of the vEPC from a variety of perspectives and with flexible scale to mirror elastic growth. It provides emulation of the eNodeB and external networks, such as the IMS and internet, for example. A key difference is that this enables real traffic to be generated, from real user identities and then validated against the desired target network

Automated test and validation

Solver provides an automated test and validation solution for the virtual EPC, that mirrors and supports the release cycle in virtual environments. It emulates elastic, volatile demand due to the scaling, addition and modification of virtual infrastructure service components. It can be used to test the complete vEPC, to provide “wrap around” testing, or to selectivity test elements in isolation, providing a comprehensive and flexible solution.

High-Performance Mobile Core and IMS Network Test

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T-Mobile: Validating migration to virtual EPC

Virtual EPC

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